Monday, February 4, 2008


Soon, my sewing room will be overflowing with "prototypes". Had one of those sewing days yesterday (trying out something different for the exhibition sales table) and screwing everything I touched up. Should know by now when things are going wrong in the sewing room to get out fast. No - I just end up with yet another prototype. If there were two pieces to be sewn the wrong way around I achieved it. Anyway, eventually I gave up and retreated with quilting books into a corner and kept fantasising about what I could successfully make - maybe??

At present, I have "bloggers block". Perhaps it is because at this stage in time my life seems dull, colourless and boring. This is not because there is nothing to do - oh no - it's because I don't want to do nothing??!!??
This picture is being presented here today to show that at times I can produce something (albeit unfinished). This quilt is for a sister in law to match in with her new sofa. Unfortunately, this sofa has now long since left her house as the quilt was started many moons ago. It is being hand-quilted (thus the unfinishedness?) and my sincere wish is that I may get it all hand quilted in the winter of 2008. I am quilting it in black thread and the large border will be quilted in a feather pattern. Apart from the borders, this quilt is made entirely from the scrap basket.


Caity said...

Now, you! Prototypes are good! If nothing else, they can be pulled apart and re0used! Plus, you have to do them to get to the good bits, yes? Prototypes are an ESSENTIAL part of creativity, IMHO. So there!

Love this quilt, too - and how clever to have a hand quilting project all lined up for winter already!

Now, about that challenge quilt..... poke poke poke!!

Di's Quilting and Craft Blog said...

Caity, Love your comment. I was having a bad day. The prototype is usuable - I think. Still may do challenge yet - "I love deadlines" Di