Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Record Finish

Started last Tuesday evening - finished this Tuesday. Has to be a record. Admittedly the challenge quilt is only a wee one, but even so, it is unusual for me to get stuck in and get it done. Thank goodness for deadlines. I seem to work better under a deadline, and it's always been this way. Being a chronic procrastinator is probably the reason everything is left til the last minute. It makes life interesting!
The challenge quilt I made is not a pretty one, but more a meaningful one. I will post a photo later and explain the meaning behind it (because it is not really very obvious - hubby didn't get it>) It took me so long to come up with the idea, and finally with some prodding from other members at Toowoomba Quilters I got my act together and had a go.
I used a couple of different techniques on this one that I hadn't tried before - probably should have tried them out on something unimportant first, but that is the way I operate. All in all I am reasonable happy with it. Will hand it in today, as the close off date is Saturday and hubby and I are off to the Gold Coast for the weekend to celebrate my 54th birthday.
We are doing the show at Jupiters Casino called "Zingara" courtesy of hubbys sister who works at the casino as a croupier. She got us FREE tickets, but was unable to get a discounted room for us, so we are staying elsewhere close by. Hope the weather is clearer by then, because as I write this, a tropical low with high winds is moving rapidly down the coast.


Sue said...

Yay!!! Well done ... so glad you are participating in the challenge. Looking forward to seeing the quilt! Have a great time on the week-end - ignore the weather.

Anonymous said...

WOOHOOO! And happy happy birthday for the weekend, chooky!

Can't WAIT for the photo of the quilt!