Monday, September 26, 2011

Quilt Show and a Surprise

It has been a busy week.  The housework was neglected as I headed out each morning early to open up the venue for Toowoomba Quilters 2011 exhibition.  It took me back to the days that I was working full time – how the heck did I do that?
There were some really splendid quilts.
This is my utmost favourite by Robyn Ginn.  Robyn is a hand appliquer (appliqueist?? or whatever)  and hand quilter and designs all her own quilts.  This particular quilt is a variation on an antique quilt she saw in a book.
Robyn Ginn Irish Cream Hexagon Tree
The hand quilting on this quilt is extensive and is just so beautiful.
Robyn G Kookaburra
Kookaburra amongst the hexagon leaves.
Robyn Ginn Tree close up
The central medallion.  The tree’s leaves are made of little hexagons.
Robyn calls this Quilt “Irish Cream Hexagon Tree” and it is a HUGE quilt.  She seems to ‘whip them up’.
Another friend of mine Pam made this fabulous quilt using Kaffe Fassett fabrics, and we all know how I love KF.  It is also hand quilted.
Insanity close upInsanity Joye P
This hexagon quilt was also a favourite.  It was beautifully and tastefully machine quilted.  Made by a TQ member, Joye.
The Sashiko Puzzle by Marleen
My friend, Marleen, has finished her sashiko quilt.  Shame on me, I have only done the central part in the same time.
She has put this together like a jigsaw puzzle and called it “The Sashiko Puzzle”  It is stunning in ‘real life’.  This photo doesn’t do it justice.
I got a nice surprise when my blogging buddy Teresa from “All Things Vintage” called into the show briefly one day.  It was so lovely of her to do so,  as her time in Toowoomba was limited.
She is just as gorgeous in real person as in her blog.  It was great to meet her and hope we can meet again one day.
Teresa and me
Looking forward to next year now where, hopefully ,I will be able to show more than one quilt!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Amongst the Flowers

Shirley and I went to see some of the displays and gardens during the Carnival of Flowers here in Toowoomba yesterday
We visited one of the lovely parks here called Laurel Bank Park and the following photos are taken on my not so good little camera.  These flowers are real !!!  We could not believe the colour and the splendour of the gardens.  They have planted the flowers in some of the gardens to look like cartoon characters.  Soooo  well done.
105108116125129130131134135136138141142147Dark pnk TulipMagnolia
We also went to a wonderful display of teapots.  I loved all the character and novelty ones.
We also visited the local Spinners & Weavers display.  They had lovely work for sale like felted and knitted berets and hats, flower pins, scarves, felted tote bags etc.etc.  Shirley bought a beret and I was searching for a flower pin just the right colour without success. 
Tomorrow we are off to see some embroidery, a textile art exhibition and Queens Park.
Whew there is so much to fit in.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some Iris Love

My dear friend, Shirley is home at last.  I have missed her.
She brought me home this great big bunch of mauve iris and a cutting of it to plant up into my garden.  So thoughtful. Thank you Shirley.
Shirley's mauve Iris
Iris Flowers MauveIris Mauve close up
Some time back she also gifted me with a bulb of the white iris and it has flowered at last.  Beautiful!
White Iris
I am not in love with the weeds surrounding this beautiful plant.  Could the good fairy please weed and mulch my flower garden??
Two Iris
My purple Iris.

Our city’s Carnival of Flowers starts this weekend so we are looking forward to having a look around the champion gardens and popping into the flower, food and wine festival in Queens Park.
Also my quilt group’s annual exhibition of quilts starting on Saturday and gong through til Friday 23rd.  It is always a visual treat and loads of fun hanging out with our quilting buddies.  Should be a great week.

Monday, September 12, 2011


The quilt was finished the label was on and it was ready to enter into the quilt show.
She lays it out on the floor to show off to daughter and arghhhhh wavy edges!!!!
Takes it to quilting friends to look for a no fuss cure, but alas, the news was dim.         Binding must come off, edges must be eased in a little etc. etc. etc.
So, binding is back on apart from about 6 inches right at the end when finicky Pfaff starts to loop again on the back, for no particular reason.  Grrrrrr.  Right!  Turn  finicky Pfaff off, oil it up, and take a break from said machine before serious damage is done to said machine.
All done, no more waves and a very happy quilter.
Leaf FLowers finished
No fabric was purchased for this quilt.  Every leaf is different.
Leaf Flowers close up
All hand quilted.
Helpin Gargar in gardenLilian digging in garden
Lilian helping Grandad dig the vege garden ready for some summer lettuce.