Monday, October 20, 2008

Headache Dayze

If you are a headache sufferer you have my complete understanding and empathy.

I know people around you cannot understand how you may be completely lucid and full of life one hour and down in a screaming heap a few hours or less later.
I know the frustration of not being able to do what you want to do when you want to do it.
I know the pain.
I know the disappointment when you are unable to attend a function or something which you have been looking forward to.
I know how taking too many non-prescription cures can cause havoc with your body.

There are three headache phases in my life right now.

1. Headache - Free Days (last about 3-7 days)
2. Headache - mild to severe - All day (last about 3-7 days)
3. Migraine - Knockem down and out (last about 1-2 days)

This is what I have decided. On "headache free days" I do as much as I can of the things I can't do when I have the "headache all day".
On "headache all day" days I do mundane chores which require no concentration whatsoever.
Today, I am making a list of all those things I may be able to do on "headache all day" days.
Of course, Murphy's Law states, you are unable to do those things you enjoy most on "headache all day" days, such as sewing (hand or machine).
Needless to say, "Knockem down and out" days are simply wasted.

Let me know how you deal with headaches if you are in my camp!!!

PS - Cause unknown..........................

Monday, October 13, 2008

Crazy Block No 3 - The "Dianne" Block

This Block is all about Moi. There is no guessing anymore about how old I am huh? Another 54 would be nice, in fact, I may need another 54 years to get through all the UFO's!
When I was about 15 years old, I was wanting to pursue my love of making music. My mother was a talented pianist and I had dropped out of piano lessons. They were too structured towards the classical and I was wanting to play popular music like my Mum. She could not teach me, as she did not read music and played totally by ear. I could also play by ear, but wanted a more portable instument so that I could join a band. My Dad came up with the saxaphone, an instrument he had always loved the sound of. They bought me a sax, and my Mum drove me twice a week to the nearest music shop which was about 20klms away, and I was taught by a wonderful man called Cliff. Cliff loved music from "hip" groups like "Tijuana Brass" and such, and he also encouraged me to join an old time dance band to learn the old time favourites which I loved. For a couple of years I spend Saturday nights playing in a small old time band all around our district. Of course at about age 17 I was looking for something a bit more stimulating. A group of us local teenagers formed a band called "Impulse". We didn't last too long, but had a lot of fun putting together our "gigs".
Much later, when the children had grown up a little, and we were living in Rainbow Beach, I dragged the sax out of it's box again and joined a couple of locals to form a trio. We played at a few functions, but most of the enjoyment was from simply getting together and making music.
I had fun embroidering it on my block and remembering all the joy it has brought me through the years. I still have my original sax and get it out occasionally to blow the cobwebs out.
More about block 3 later..............

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Post Exhibition

At last, after several weeks, I have gingerly entered my sewing room (it is in rather a mess), stepping over all the aftermath of the exhibition, I managed to sew this.
My daughter and I salvaged an old basket I had kicking around, and I sewed a lining for it in this cutesy baby fabric. It will hold all that baby "stuff" in their nursery. It is getting exciting now, with only a couple of months to go before we welcome our first grandchild. Yes... it is a girl.
I have been very busy these past few weeks leading a committee to organize our quilt club's exhibition. It all went very well, and the members who came along on roster all enjoyed themselves interacting with each other and meeting new people. The quilts were stunning, and on Saturday, we will find out who took out "viewers choice".
My organizational skills were tested to the max (considering my New Year's Resolution every year is to get organized!!). Co-ordinating things to happen when, how and where they were supposed to happen was the easy bit. Dealing with all the different personalities of the members was a little more tricky, and called for all the diplomacy I could muster. One can only do one's best, and if I take on a job, I do it to the best of my ability and see it through. We are having a "post exhibition" meeting on Saturday where I will be giving many recommendations to the next committee. I will post some photos after Saturday, once I get permission from a few people to do so.
Now in the next couple of months, I will catch up on some of "my sewing" finishing off a few UFO's before our new granddaughter arrives and life takes us in a new direction.