Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bullion Garden

Week 20 of TAST – bullion stitch.
I love doing bullions but all I could come up with was flowers.
This is it – A Bullion Garden
A Bullion Garden
Thank you to Shirley who reminded me about twisted silk ribbon and who told me about the border stitch, detached bullion.  I started off a bit wobbly with it but got better as I got around the border.  I love this stitch and will definitely use it again some time. 
Au revoir for now, there may be a short break in transmission as Hubby and I head off on an adventure into the bush.
Internet connection may be non – existent where we are going but if by any chance I get some more TAST stitching done and I have connection I will post it up.
Pop over to Sharon b’s site and see all the other amazing bullion pieces.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Off to the Tropics

It is almost winter here, although this past week one could be forgiven for thinking winter has already arrived.
So, in just four days time we are escaping to tropical North Queensland where temperatures are up around 28 deg during the day and a mild 15 – 20 overnight. 
With camper open
This will be our ‘digs’ for about a month or so.  Those little steps lead up to the boudoir.  The kitchen area is at the back of this.  Sink and gas stove and pantry.    It doesn’t look very big in this photo, but believe me, there is plenty of room and storage.  The whole thing folds up and sits on the back of the truck and then you can go anywhere a 4wd vehicle can go.  We love to head into the bush and off the beaten tracks, so this will be ideal.  We are travelling with 2 other couples so it should be a real hoot!!
This particular set up is called a ‘Travelander’ and if you are interested, you can see more of their features here at this website.
We will miss our little poppet, Lilian. 
Here she is at her cubby house which is currently in our back yard. Her great grandpa bought her this.  She is the apple of his eye – his only great grandchild…… so far.
Cubby house 21.05.12
Nothing to show for TAST this week yet.  It may be finished by tomorrow if I can get a good go at it tonight in front of television.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Snakes Alive & 4 Wheel Drive

My hubby found a yellow-faced whip snake like this one trapped between our two sheds on Sunday, he got rid of it especially for me on Mothers Day.  Thank you my dear man. 

Image from
Saturday 5th May saw me behind the wheel of our 4 wheel drive truck.
4WD 05.05.12This photo especially for craft and quilting friends who would not believe I was actually doing this 4WD thing. LOL.
  Apparently I have to learn how to drive it in case anything happens to my man when we are out on a bush track somewhere.  Not my cup of tea at all, but you know what?  I did rather well at it and even managed it better than him at times.  He is a good driver though and I am confident I won’t have to put my newly acquired  skills to test anytime real soon.
Mud obstacle 4WD  2 05.05.12-001
The first obstacle – stuck in mud. Hubby had the job of getting out of this one.
View Dayboro 4WD 05.05.12
The spectacular view from the top of the very, very steep hill which we had to climb in our 4WD.  Yes, I did it with no probs.
We are leaving on a trek to Cape York in a couple of weeks time.  Very exciting!  So next couple of weeks we will be busy packing and sorting and getting our new camper ready to roll.  At the same time I hope to still keep up with my TAST embroidery challenge.  Now, that will be quite a challenge!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Week 18’s stitch has been done.  The blogging is a little behind as life steps in the way and steers me on other courses.
Week 18’s stitch was Crossed Buttonhole Stitch.  At the beginning I thought it was quite a yukky stitch and by the end of the sample I still thought it was pretty yukky.  It would be much prettier embellished to the eyeballs, but of course I am trying to do all my samples with just using the TAST stitch for that particular week.  I am having to use the grey matter a little bit more and come up with interesting ways to display said stitch.
Wk 18 Strata Crossed b hole st
This is the end result, “Strata”.  It is made with 1 1/4 inch strips of fabric folded twice and couched down with the Crossed Buttonhole Stitch.  Thanks to Shirley for the little round beads which just fitted in nicely with the colours I had chosen.(We are also trying to decrease Shirley’s bead stash – but a losing battle methinks.  She has enough beads to take us into the next century!!!!)
When I see what everybody else did with the Crossed Buttonhole Stitch I had a little bit of embroidery envy.  Hop over to Pintangle here and see the many variations others have come up with.  Soooooo creative.  Also, lately on Stitchin Fingers there has been some beautiful embroidery, quilting etc. shown.  Do have a look sometime for some real eye candy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


What an interesting stitch we were given last week on TAST.  All I could think of initially was sheafs of wheat and grass.  In the end, grass won and “Grasses at the Gate’ was produced.  Not terribly original but I was quite chuffed with the idea of doing barbed wire with this stitch.  All in all I was happy with the end result.
Grasses at the Gate
Now that I have had plenty of practice with this stitch I will used it more often and embellish it heaps with other stitches, beads etc.
It is getting more and more difficult not to use other stitches in conjunction with the given stitch.
Pop onto to see more amazing and interesting ways people have used this stitch.