Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Glenvale Block

After about 5 years of languishing in the UFO box  and getting the occasional airing, the crazy blocks for my quilt "My Crazy Life - so far" are finished and ready to be put together.
This is block No 9 "The Glenvale Block".  This block represents where we are living at at the moment.
 The bottle brush which always puts on a lovely display each year and below that a representation of our little pink miniature roses.

The wattle which is in flower around the countryside right now, and our flowering peach tree which is in bud and will look magnificent in the coming weeks.

Our dove cote which, in reality,  is looking a little worse for wear right now, but I have done a 'before' version here.  The fan is there because - well just because.  It actually breaks up a rather large piece of the white fabric. 

The heart of our home.  The edging of the heart is done in what Robyn Ginn calls the 'row of roses' stitch.  It starts with a cable stitch and the rest of it is too hard to explain here.  I think it is often referred to as 'oyster stitch'. 

On this part of the block, I have done my interpretation of the Toowoomba violet.  Satin stitch is not usually my favourite, but I was happy with how this turned out and won't be so scared to try it again now.  We have a lot of the white daisy in our garden and in spring and summer it is just like a white carpet.  Very pretty.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

All the F's - Food, Family, Fun, Friends

 DH and I seem to be constantly thinking of food lately.  He loves stir fries, so one night this week I pulled out the wok and made him beef and bok choy.   It was yummy - served with rice noodles.

 Oh no Lili, not the dog bed!!  Lili decided she wanted a little lie down.

My friend Marleen (no blog) made this for my birthday one year.  It always amazes me how many different things people can make from hexagons.  This little "handbag" is a needle case. 

Going for coffee with some girlfriends this morning to celebrate recent birthdays.  We have been trying to catch up for weeks now, but we all lead such busy lives.
The wrapping I have used here is old country-style magazines I 'source'.  Some of the photography in these glossy magazines is just divine and it makes very pretty wrapping paper.  Usually I like to add a handmade tag and some nice ribbon.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

My Leaf Quilt

This is the quilt we currently have on our bed.  A bit different to the Kaffe Fassett eh?

This quilt was finished in September 2001 and is all hand quilted.  I have dedicated it to the memory of my Mum who passed in September 1997.  It has hundreds can't remember exactly how many, think over 400)  of hand appliqued leaves - no two are the same.  It was a joy to make and I have started another similar one.  It is a loooooong term project.  I seem to have a lot of them :-)

Close up of central panel
This faithful little daffodil and some of it's friends struggled through the weeds and dry old soil to brighten our wintry days.  It is a sign spring is coming  YIPEE.  

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Treasures and Odds and Ends

My friend, Joan, (no blog) read about my found objects and gifted me some of hers.  She is a very sweet friend.  Don't you just love that art deco piece?  It is half of a buckle.  The gorgeous button is from one of her old scottish tartan garments and the little dogs are from one of her late father's whisky bottles.  Found objects with a story - cool.  Thanks Joan.

Joan also gave me these gorgeous glass buttons a couple of years back. That light blue one is one of my favourite buttons in my collection.  She presented them to me in this lovely box and I still keep them in there and look at them every so often.  I know she will want me to use them on a project one day, but at the moment they are just treasured.

Magazines in the bathroom?  They are in the bathroom waiting to go back into my sewing space after new carpet was laid.  Yes these are just a small fraction of magazines I have.  I know it is time for a big cull of them, but I flick through them, see something that, well, maybe I will make one day (ha, ha) and then I don't throw it!!  What a tragic.  All those coloured tags?  Yep, they are marking projects I will make one day.  Maybe I need one of those professional de-clutter consultants to come in and help me.