Monday, January 28, 2008

Back to Brissy

This Australia Day weekend we did a touristy thing and went back to our old hunting grounds of Brisbane. We stayed at our brother-in-law's house and he took us to various places we hadn't been for years and years.

I took the opportunity while we were on the South Bank of the Brisbane river to take in the Andy Warhol exhibition. This exhibition is showing at the relatively new Gallery of Modern Art. It was very intriguing, and I loved his "Mick Jagger" portraits (and all of his portraits really). His use of colour was phenomenal and also his use of his favourite colours, black and white. Truly amazing. There was all sorts of ephemera on display in glass cabinets as well, and if you were to stop, look and read every little thing it would take a week or more. I was on a bit of a time limit as the family were in tow and waiting for me for lunch at the gallery coffee shoppe.

After the exhibition we took a ferry across the river to the Story Bridge park where No 2 daughter was having a typical Aussie Day party with her mates. They had the ubiquitous barby with a sausage sizzle, played a few innings of cricket with the toy bat, ball and stumps, a game of touch footy and were consuming copious amounts of good ol' aussie beer. After this they (apparently) went over to the the Story Bridge Hotel with some 1,365,000 other patrons to have a coldy and a look at the cockroach races.??

We made our way back over the river via ferry to Eagle St to partake of yet another cappucino, after which we jumped on a City Cat and did a trip along the river up to the University of Queensland and back to South Brisbane. After a nice cold drink at a pizzeria, we made our way to the train station and home. It was a very memorable Australia Day, and we were so impressed with how many young people were really getting into the patriotic spirit.

On Sunday we trekked (by car) up the Mt Cootha mountain to take in the wondrous views of Brissy and have another cappucino. The city centre sure has grown since we lived there in the 70's and 80's. I came home fantisising again about how nice it would be to have an apartment along side the Brisbane River for a city sojourn now and again. Oh well, we can dream!!

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