Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Serenity

Easter rain curtailed our activities somewhat and we ended up having a very quiet, serene Easter with our family. Easter Saturday we trekked out of town to visit my Dad and give him an outing. Where else would you go on a sombre drizzling day than a trip to a country cemetery.
We were chasing some family history. Our ancestors have been in this district since the late 1800's and the land was foreign and harsh to them. They hailed from Argylshire, Scotland and found themselves in a hot and rugged environment.
My great, great grandparents, Duncan and Martha McIntyre (nee Crombie) had eleven children of whom only 4 survived to adulthood.
One of these children, Dugald, was only 6 years old when he died, and it was on a December day in 1877. One can only assume it was one of our very hot December days, as poor little Dugald died of sunstroke. His grave has just been discovered at a place called Lagoon Creek where a huge coal mining venture is taking place. A representative of the consortium was seeking our permission to move the remains to the Jondaryan cemetery where his parents are buried. We do not have a lot of information about the other children Duncan and Martha buried, but believe most were in very early infancy.
We tramped around the cemetery in the misty rain and black mud and found the graves of our ancestors. We took photos to pass onto the coal mining company to give them an indication as to where Dugald is to be moved to. Adjacent to the graveyards was a beautiful little church. Made from wooden slabs with cute little arch windows down both sides and a simple effective stained glass window behind the elaborately carved altar,
My Dad really enjoyed this 'different' kind of outing and it was also good for some of the younger family members to learn a little of their heritage.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Painful week

Not much of anything goin' on around here the past week.
Sparing you the boring details, I have had a 'flare up' of a pre-existing condition and it is not good. I don't cope at all well with being unwell. Tasks have to be done in little bits, so sewing and quilting have had to take a bit of a back seat while I struggle to do the basic chores.
Anywho, I am sure it will pass soon, and a warning to all quilters and sewers, take it easy on yourselves. Do not, I repeat, do not sit and sew for too long in one session and give yourselves regular breaks.
Seems I will never learn this!

In the evenings, I have been just sitting in short spurts and doing little tasks that always seem to get pushed to the side, like cleaning out ones sewing basket, cleaning out ones handbag, sorting out recipes (and chucking out recipes) etc. etc.

Hopefully after some treatment next week, I'll be back on track and able to continue work on my challenge quilt for quilt group. It is coming along well, and will be a constant reminder to not overdo things ever, ever again....... do you think??

Soon to get my home back

Well, the pre-fab buiding is in it's place and over Easter Hubby and I will set it up as his new office. It was a bit scary when it was swinging over the house on the crane, so I got out of the house and took some photos.
Yippee, I have the guest room back, and the formal dining room back. We don't use the formal dining room - it's just for show-LOL - but it looks very ugly at the moment with building plans all over the table and hanging off every bit of furniture.

Guess who loves loves loves her bath time?

Here she is talking to her rubber ducky. Awww, she is so cute !

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