Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On the Road

We have been on the road now for a week and a half and internet connection has been in and out.
We have seen some awesome sights and been having some wonderful experiences of the Australian bush.
Currently, we are staying in the Gulf country with DH's niece whose husband works here in the Department of Primary Industries.  He is a stock inspector and travels the roads we have travelled on a regular basis.  They are long, sometimes dusty and one has to always be on the look out for unfenced cattle and of course the wallabies and kangaroos.
So far we have seen all of the above, plus a very large black snake, a tiger snake, a family of emus and various birds including the beautiful wedge tailed eagle. 

Cattle on the track..

Flowering wattle trees beside Gregory Development Road. 

Huge white quartz outcrop called "The White Blow" just outside the township of Ravenswood.

Dirt track to Einasleigh River and the Copperfield River Gorge.

Copperfield River Gorge on the Einasleigh River. Rock is basalt layed down from a lava flow hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The outback loos are an experience all of their own!  I have even had a couple of "bush bathroom" experiences.  Case of 'have to'.

Sunset at the Gulf town of Karumba.

This old outback 'dunny' was put out of service a long time ago thankfully.  It has even survived a cyclone!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Big Adventure

We are heading off on a big adventure.
(courtesy of google maps)
All the way to the Gulf of Carpentaria and the town of Karumba.  My mouth is already watering with the promise of fresh prawns and seafood.  Hope I am not disappointed!!  It may not be the season for prawns and crabs  Sad smile
Along the way we will be stopping and enjoying some of Queensland’s National Parks and we will be visiting my husband’s niece who lives in Normanton, right up there in the Gulf country. We are equipped to do a bit of camping.  I normally don’t do camping – but hubby is all organized (Virgo) and has convinced me it will be fun!!  We are definitely not camping until we reach the warmer weather of the North.
We have a pre paid broadband, so if I am able to get a connection in the bush, I will post a blog or two.
Be back in about 3 weeks!!
Oh ….BTW…..I have packed a little stitching to do along the way.  All packed in a plastic box to protect against No 1 enemy DUST.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sun, Earth, Moon

My June art journal quilt is finished!  (May’s journal quilt is a WIP)
Sun, Earth, Moon 2
The quilt was inspired by a new art group I have come into contact with called WOTE  (Women on the Edge) – Great name!
They are doing small art quilts with the theme ‘Nature’s Influence’.
I have looked at it from the angle of what influences nature the most, and came up with the Sun, Earth and Moon for the subject matter.  Truth be told:  I thought the theme was ‘Nature’s Inspiration’ so had to make changes half way through to suit   LOL
The technique I have used is from Teesha Moore and she demonstrates it here and I saw it on Judy’s blog.  I have put my own twist on it.  They are little quilted ‘pillows’ and I really loved doing them.  Would love to do some more some time.  For the sun, earth and moon I have used found objects.  I love collecting bits and bobs and have a big container of them.  Call me a bower bird !!   All the fabrics are straight out of the scrap bin and the tree trunk is silk threads couched down with zig zag.  The hand quilting and embellishments are done in perle cotton. 
Last night I kicked something under the coffee table and lo and behold it was the paper bag with my missing braids in it.  Don’t know how it found it’s way under there!!
Black and Cream BraidBlack and Cream which I intend jazzing up a black l/sleeve T-Shirt with
Rose BraidBullion roses on velvet.  They look like they have been hand done.  Surely not??   I bought a small piece which has 6 repeats.  For what?  - Don’t know, just thought it might look nice on something ‘felty’
Bling BraidA piece of blingy stuff.  Looks much snazzier in real life.  Can cut up and use to glam something up?
It is a real treasure trove that shop -  and for Toowoomba people it is at Highfields in the shops opposite The Village Green.
 Lilian is growing into a real little girl now and losing a lot of her babyness.  Here she is with her Mummy.  They are all rugged up for a winter’s day.Lilian in winter