Friday, February 22, 2008

Stained Glass Quilt Adventure

On Wednesday I started this stained glass quilt with the help of quilting friend and stained glass extrordinaire Marleen. You will notice the "black bits" aren't in there yet. I had rung a place called "Abundia" and ordered some black bias before Christmas and they were getting some more from Japan - should arrive end of Jan. Heard nothing, emailed them, heard nothing back, so I am going to try and source it somewhere else now. Anyway, we ran out of time and will have to have another sewing day together to do that part. (what a shame!!??) We were going to do a santa clause pattern which we found in a magazine, but Marleen convinced me it was a difficult one to start with. Fortunately, I took her advice and will tackle the santa one after completing this much simpler design. The technique she showed me is really quite simple. It is wise to take the time though to meticulously number each piece before cutting it all up. A bit like putting a jigsaw puzzle together in the end. It uses fusible webbing and I had a roll of vleisofix on hand. Grrrrr. It just wanted to separate the whole time and drove me nuts. Off to buy some "easy fix" before tackling the santa claus project! It has a better reputation. I will use the vleisofix up on less fiddly projects - I don't want to waste it as I had paid quite a lot of money for the roll of it and still have a lot left! (insert swear words aplenty)

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