Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Strippy Star

This quilt top evolved from the strip party we had at quilt group back in March. I just added some all dark and all light blocks to the ones I had already completed.
The configuration of blocks came from Hanne, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make mine like that. I love doing strip piecing and I love stars, so it was perfect. Check Hanne out some time, she does lovely work. Thank you Hanne.

I also love Hanne's Life Motto, it reads:
"One has all to gain to accept reality as it is!"

Friday, November 21, 2008

Quilt - Finished

There is going to be a new label added to my posts "Quilts- finished". I wonder how many posts are going to make there way there?? No doubt there will be a whole lot more in the "works in progress" label!!

This quilt was started waayyyyyy back in about 2001. My sister-in-law picked it out of the Australian Patchwork and Quilting book ,"Colourful Scrap Quilts". She picked it out to go with her new sofa which was in the blue colour, similar to the border on the quilt. It is a quilt by Michelle Marvig and she called it "Amish Monkey Wrench".
In my case, it was more like a "monkey wretch". From go to woe I had big troubles with this quilt, which is why it probably sat in the cupboard unfinished for so long. Piecing is not my forte and things didn't go well there, and then I did a bit of accidental cutting as I was trying to "square" the quilt up and left a few of the seam allowances a bit scant. Oh yeah, if it can be done I can do it. Then, I stretched one of the inner border to fudge a fit, and that came back to bite me in the rear when it came to quilting it. Some things do not "quilt out".
The most enjoyable part of the whole process for me was the hand quilting. It mostly ran smoothly, except the outer border was meant to be done in a cable, and none of the stencils I tried fitted, so I went for the old grid quilting. By the end of all the grids, I just about had that little quilting stitch mastered. The hand quilting alone took about 2 years to complete. Usual explanation - there were many projects in between.

By now, of course, my sister-in-law, Annette, has totally refurbished and redecorated and no longer has the blue sofa. Oh well, she is still getting this quilt and I know she is going to really appreciate it and love it. She possibly won't even remember choosing it, and it is going to be a real surprise when I present it to her on Dec 20th.
Annette is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer and is feeling very low and a little worse for wear.

The label reads
"Annette's Quilt"
Made for Annette J......
'A quilt to warm your body and comfort your soul'

I am blessed to have five of the bestest sister-in-laws - love 'em all.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Selvage Star

Linda - You're a STAR *****

Linda is featured on the Selvage blog today. They are showing her fab selvage totes. Check it out

It seems to be neverending what can be made from selvages.

What a week....

It's been "one of those" weeks. It all started on Melbourne Cup Day, when we had a call from our daughter to say she was going to the hospital with contractions and bad pain. (She was only 33 weeks along). She lives 3 hours away, so I was feeling a little helpless.

Our son-in-law is very capable and caring, and they were in constant contact with us. By Thursday morning, I had decided I must go and be with them. The good news is - all is well - and she was home Friday morning, so I stayed on for a few days and "spoilt" them.

During this time, life dealt other annoying little problems, but they all paled into insignificance.
Needless to say, it all ended with a big headache yesterday.

Whilst sitting around, (can't do much else) and feeling a little sorry for myself, I clicked onto Martha Stewart on cable and she was talking to Dr. Maya Angelou. Dr Angelou said something which resonated in me and switched on a light bulb. "If life deals you bad things, take an attitude of gratitude". So I got to thinking......

We are so grateful for the hospital care our daughter received at Nambour Hospital. The doctors, the nursing staff, the midwives, were all outstanding, and even the food was good.

We are so grateful for modern medicine.

We are so grateful for valued friends and family who gave their support.

We have much to be grateful for.

I am very grateful to be living in Australia, land of beauty and bounty, where we have peace, freedom of speech and freedom of choice.

When I got home on Tuesday I had an urge to go into the garden and work. Physical work (not too much), seems to get rid of some pent up emotions in me!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Stained Glass Finished

Finally, I have finished this little stained glass project I started back a couple of months ago. It was such a fun project to do, sooooo I have started another. It is a Santa Claus and because it is one of those lovely overcast, showery spring days, it is going to be the perfect afternoon to sew. I am up to sewing on all the little black bias strips and have purchased an open toe applique foot for my sewing machine to make it a little easier.