Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Strip Party Update and a Bath Mat

Caity has very kindly put up a slide show of our fun stripping day on the Toowoomba Quilters blog. She is very knowledgable on all things "bloggy" and does a fantastic job for our quilting group.

Already people are asking when we are going to do it again, but it may have to wait til next year as we have something planned for nearly every remaining month of this year!

I would like to have a log cabin day and do the quick and easy log cabin with scrappy strips. Will run it past everyone and see what they think about it.

(Close up)

Today at quilt group (more like play group) I finished off my chenille bath mat.

Get a load of the colour. BROWN - what is it with this brown thing? Forgot that I had bought this brown fabric out at the Highfields shop for half price some time last year. I was looking at the time for burgundy floral fabric to go with our bathroom colours. Well....the flowers are sort of burgundy! I am quite happy with the finished result and the fabric has fluffed up quite well.

Next on the agenda - finishing off some sales table stuff. Have some great ideas, but looking for more hours in each day.

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