Monday, March 31, 2008

Kaffe and Other

This is the outcome of going into a fabric shop, being overwhelmed, and NOT having a clear idea of what you need.
These are the "Kaffe Fassett" fabrics I purchased, only the one on the right is not a Kaffe Fassett - and the one on the left I already have. Hmmph. They are both good blenders though and will hopefully slow down what I feel could become a very busy quilt. Typically of moi, to be offered 1,000,000 bolts of fabric and come home with one I already have!!!!
Anyways, isn't the blue one out of this world? Mmmmmmmmmm I must start this quilt soon.
This is my favourite friend in the kitchen, the Crock Pot (or you may call it a slow cooker). Before we went on the jaunt to Brisbane on Saturday, I threw in a beef pot roast into this little gem and it was cooked when I got home. Brilliant! Coming up to Winter, I will be doing our favourite - Beef Curry and it also does Ox-tail stew to perfection. You can use the cheaper cuts of meat and they will come out tender e.g. Bolar blade roast, Topside roast, chuck steak, blade steak etc. etc. (Can you tell I am the daughter of a butcher?)
With the pot roast, I put in 1/4 cup of beef stock, a chopped up onion. a couple of cloves of garlic,(and you may add other veges such as carrot), plenty of freshly ground black pepper and a sprinkle of mixed herbs (if you like them). All you have to do at the end of the day is chuck some greens/potato/pumpkin in a steamer or oven bake them and you're done.
Well, I have to go to "real" work today at the Blue Care Regional Office - it is the administrative arm of a group of nursing homes. Only going for a few hours, so will be able to work on my latest quilt, "the brown thing" when I get home. It is coming along well, and I promise as soon as I have the top together I will post it.

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