Saturday, January 5, 2008

Celebration Time

Celebration Time, Come On! Let's celebrate and have a really good time!

We are celebrating the start of a new year, and I am celebrating the finishing and hanging of the Christmas quilt I have called, appropriately, "Celebration". It is even hanging on the wall already. I decided to let it hang there until Christmas in July, so that we may enjoy the "fruits of my labour", (all four years of it).

We had a quiet New Years Eve and were tucked into bed by about 11.00 pm, but crawled out at midnight (awoken by neighbours yahooing) and viewed the late night fireworks in Brisbane city from our daughters balcony. Earlier in the evening we visited the Treasury casino and had another lovely meal at Cafe 21 in the casino. We have been there a few times now and have never been disappointed. Eventhough they were extremely busy, and we had to queue up for a while, they still served a quality meal. After dinner, we took in the 9.00 pm fireworks on the South Bank of the city (viewing them from Victoria Bridge). Very nice.

The next day we went to hubby's sister's place on the Gold Coast and enjoyed some rainy weather. The holiday makers were whinging about the rain, but it was wonderful for us to see it, hear it and feel it. Beeauutiful!!

Di's New Years Resolutions -:

1) Get organized (This one is perpetual)

2) Cut down on spending on unnecessary consumerables (This does not include fabric/craft - although I am going to try and be more resourceful with what I already have. It also excludes travel - have a couple of things planned)

3) Improve my diet (being kinder to my liver) and drink more water

4) Finishing something off before starting something new (oh yeah!)

This really does sound like post-Christmas guff. Bloody hell! These are going to be challenging.

PS Toowoomba's water is YUK after the Gold Coast water!


Anonymous said...

I never have been able to drink the Toowoomba water - it's FOUL!

Congrats on getting your Christmas quilt finished! Mine is already packed away :-( but I might drag it out to take on Tuesday.

All that bloody rain and we got NONE of it!

Sue said...

Di - I am with you with all your resolutions except the last one - don't think that one is in my vocabulary! Getting organised helps with your other goals so it is very important! If you are organised you are less likely to spend on items you don't really need. Love the quilt...