Monday, January 14, 2008

Silverbeet Pie

Spinach (or silverbeet) has never been a favourite. Had the odd spinach and feta pie, but it never really grabbed me.
My Dad and his wife gave us a few bunches of silverbeet yesterday with the following recipe, which we whipped up last night, and thoroughly enjoyed.

Fry up a chopped onion, some chopped capsicum, chopped bacon (and if you like it a crushed clove of garlic) in a little oil.

Throw in the sliced up silverbeet, put a dob of butter on top, salt and ground black pepper, and pop the lid on the pan and cook until silverbeet is just cooked.

Put mixture into a deep pie dish and grate over this some tasty cheese. Cover with puff pastry and bake in moderate-hot oven til the pastry is lovely and crusty and brown. (You may want to have pastry in the bottom as well).

They also gave us some of her homemade goodies - A jar of pickled beetroot (hers is to die for), some pickled cucumbers, mango chutney and green tomato pickles. (A good cook!)

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Sounds yummy!