Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Flying Thingys

These flying thingys came to us courtesy of a small bag of brown rice. (they are now dead - after a good spraying). We hadn't opened the packet yet, but when I went to the cupboard last night to search for some noodles all these flying moth-like thingys flew out at me. The brown rice was unopened and on close inspection these animals were in residence. Oh well, I know what I will be doing this morning. BTW - the rice was "packed in Australia". Don't know it's exact origins!!

This is our daughter's doggy "Wilbur". (He is the one in my profile picture). He was sold to them as a "spoodle" but we have since found out he is a "Tiboodle" - cross between a tibetan spaniel and a mini poodle. It is this gorgeous fluffy tail that gave it away! He is highly intelligent, cheeky and frisky and absolutely adorable. Pleeeeeese Santa, can I have one for Christmas?

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