Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gifts Given And Received

Before I go on about gifts I have been given and gifts I have been giving, I have a special photo to share.
Linda Shirley & me
Shirley and I met our online friend, Linda from Billabongs 2 Bling at the Bush Christmas a week or so ago.
It was lovely to catch up with Linda and finally get to meet her.  Bush Christmas is when the bush crafters come to town and sell their wares.  It was really beautiful with lots of delicious things to look at.
Bag from Shirley
I don’t think I have ever shown this piece of loveliness before.  It was a special gift from Shirley some years ago, and it hangs from the knob of my little sewing table in the lounge room for all to admire.
Mammy Doll Bag
I made this sewing dilly bag for a friend who has left Toowoomba to go and live on Flinders Island, Tasmania.
She has always admired my dilly bag like this, so now she has her very own.  I think it is a pattern from ‘Country Pieces’.  It is a pattern I have had for many, many years.
There are some other things I have been making which can’t be shown here just yet.  I have very much enjoyed working on some collage cards which I will show in the next week or so.
middle lagoon red rocks sunset
Leaving you with this photo of the beautiful landscape of Middle Lagoon on the Western Australia Dampier PeninsularMiddle Lagoon has many different aspects to it – such an amazing place to visit.


Suztats said...

What a gorgeous bag Shirley made you! I love it! And your dilly bag will be a nice reminder of times shared with your friend who is moving away.

Radka said...

Oh, it is so wonderful to see a picture of 3 of you, Linda, Shirley and you! Can I save it to my computer?

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello DI, How wonderful that you and Shirley got to met up with Linda. Lucky guys you all are. Fantastic Photos. \

Lovely bag Shirley made for you. A Treasure indeed. Neat Dilly Bag too. I have a couple given to me as gifts over the year. I love them.

Lovely sea landscape. Are those rocks laying on the beach??? Hugs Judy

margaret said...

so good to see the three of you had some time together, you have all been quiet on the blog scene recently and have missed you.Love the bag Shirley made you, the dilly bag is great too but what on earth is a `dilly` not a word I have come across here in England.Will have to put the photo on my computer if that is okay with you all.

Anneliese said...

Hurrah, hurrah, I see you my friends together. You with whom I am writing and exchanging e-mails. A lovely prechristmas gift - a St. Niclas gift. Wonderful. Elegant Shirley, wonderful you Dianne and the much admired Linda. Thank you Dianne, for publishing this photo.
Shirley's bag is really wonderful, exquistite! And really what is dilly bag - if Margaret doesn't know how should I??

Linda said...

Hi Dianne, it was such a pleasure to meet you both. I know it was short notice, and a difficult day, so I am the one to thank you both for stretching your time to spend with me. It's lovely to actually 'see' people in person. Thank you so much [both] for the friendship. I love your lovely gifts. Shirley is so amazing, talented and generous, we are all so lucky to have her in our circle. What a glorious landcscape, I adore it!! Cheers.

Marilyn C said...

Hi Di, The bags look beautiful especially Shirley's with the lovely stitching. I am sure the dilly bag will be treasured.

shirley said...

It was wonderful spending time with you and Linda. I had almost forgotten about that bag I made for you. Nice to know you like enough to put it on display.

Jen said...

Hello Di,What a pretty bag from Shirley, I can see why it is on show.I loved seeing your photo of the 3 of you. How wonderful to be able to meet.Thanks for shareing it. Nice dilly bag ,very handy bags.