Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another Year Passing By

As another year passes quickly by, it reminds me of my goal each year to become more organised around the home.
Magazine mayhem
(Pile of magazines needing culling)
Life seems to overwhelm me sometimes and the clutter around me doesn’t make me feel any better.
(Where to start?? – June 2011) – (Love the look)
(Scrap box before)
This year, I believe, I achieved a lot in the organisation department.  Thanks to my friend, Shirley, we got into the sewing room where she introduced me to the plastic box.  Not that I didn’t know about them, I just didn’t know where to start with the sorting.  She had some great ideas and I am still working on amalgamating all of the stuff into their respective categories.
(Boss Shirley)
(Some progress)
Each year I start with the idea of disposing of an item a day and this has worked very well.  It usually fizzles out, so I have kicked it off again – right now!  I have discovered this website “The Organised Housekeeper” and she has the de-cluttering 52 week challenge right HERE, which I am gong to attempt to follow.  (Hope it goes better than the TAST challenge LOL).  Of course, we have planned trips once again for 2013, so I will have to double up some weeks to achieve the goal.
Oval Emb Pincushions
During the past couple of years I have made some of these embroidered felt pin cushions which I was going to sell at our exhibition.  When I showed a friend, she bought the lot and I didn’t get around to making any more.  Shirley has gifted me some of her embroidery wool ‘double ups’ and I have made a few more since, and intend to make some more. 
Emb Pin cushions
This past Sunday was our precious little princess’ 4th birthday.  Where did that time go?  Of course, being a princess, she wanted a princess party.
Lilian w cakeThe princess cake
The princess and her princess cake her Mummy made.
Lilian w doctor set
Princess Lilian with her new Doctor’s set – she loves playing doctors and calls her cubby house her “Goctor’s Office”
Princess Lilian
Princess Lilian in her tiara.


Marilyn said...

Plastic boxes help heaps and looks like you have some organisation going on with them. Love the pin cushions. And what a cute little Grandie. Looks like she had a wonderful birthday.

Marilyn C said...

Looks like you have been busy,at least you might be able to find what you are looking for a bit quicker now. Happy birthday to your little princess.

retdairyqueen said...

Good luck with the organizing!
Love the pin cushions

Sue said...

Lillian looks a joy! I get the organising thing. Craft seems to bring it's own clutter and as much as it can inspire you, it can also bring you down. I am doing a de-clutter in my sewing studio very soon so will be joining you in this experience.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello DI.

I see you enjoy organizing too. LOL But it is so much better in the end. Shirley is a sweetie.

Lilian is a real sweetie too. I reckon maybe someday she will be doctor, hey??Her cake was very pretty as is the Princess.

Love you embroidered pincushion.
Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hugs Judy

Suztats said...

Lillian looks very much like a princess in her tiara! So cute. And I heart that cake!
I love to organize, and have many, many totes in cupboards keeping my stash out of sight.(I have 7 just for my beads! OMGoodness!) Your pincushions look great.

Linda said...

Lilian is indeed a most gorgeous child Dianne, and looks every bit the princess on her birthday. I love your attempts at organization, something I should surely follow up on, but alas, I'm drowning in 'stuff'. I have the plastic boxes, just lacking the enthusiasm to start. Perhaps I need a visit from Shirley as well........LOL

margaret said...

I think a lot of us can connect with you with untidy sewing rooms never enough space for everything, be careful though as sp often I have decided I would never use something and got rid of it only to find I need it after all!!Shirley really got you organised, well done Shirley.Wonder if now when you need something you can find it straight away with all this organisation Your granddaughter is a real little princess.

Love those pin cushions I am not surprised someone wanted them all they make wonderful gifts

Carrie P. said...

getting organized sure does make it much more enjoyable to sew and create. I sometimes get my sewing room so messy that I have to clean up before I can start something new.
Good luck.

shirley said...

That was a fun day sorting our your "stuff"
Lillian is such a gorgeous little girl I know how proud you are of all of her achievements.
Glad I was away when the hail hit that must have been scary.
Good luck with the disposal of all your old unused books.