Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is it a Flame Tree & Finally some TAST


We think we have a flame tree in our back garden.  The reason we are unsure is that this particular tree hasn’t flowered to our knowledge.  The colour is brilliant and I see other flame trees around town in full flower whereas this one is only just starting. Also, our Jacaranda trees aren’t flowering yet!!  We must be doing ‘slow gardening’.

Flame treeFlame Tree blossom

This is the tree just starting to bloom                            Beautiful orange/red blossoms

Flame tree buds

The buds (aren’t they beautiful?)

Orange Bouganvillea

This is the bouganvillea growing along side of it. 

Shirley and I have motivated each other and worked on our TAST pieces.

This is the stitch for Week 43,  Buttonhole cups. (Don’t ask about all the missing weeks of TAST stitches!!)

It was quite enjoyable to do and is a lovely textural stitch. My version is a new flower on the scene called bluecups.  VBG .  I am looking out of the window at a field of them.

Field of Blue Cups through the window

The background is coloured with watercolour pencils and textile medium.

You can see more about the TAST challenge and view comments at Pintangle – here – and see what other people have done with this stitch on Stitchin’ Fingers – here.

Smoke over city

There was smoke all around the city last week as bush and grass fires continued to burn in our region.  It made a trip down town feel really spooky.  Fortunately, due to the diligence of our fire crews, houses and lives have been saved from these ravaging fires.

In the pipeline I am working on a new blog – same stuff different format.



Radka said...

I like your buttonhole cups, they make a pretty picture :-)

margaret said...

buttonhole cups have worked very well and the way you have framed them adds added dimension.

Wonderful colours in your garden, sorry cannot help in what tree it is.

Must be frightening seeing the smoke on the horizon, as you say the firemen do an amazing job.

Suztats said...

Love your bluecups! I see you've planted a whole garden of them. Very pretty!!!

Raphaela said...

Wonderful stitching.

libbyquilter said...

your blue flowers are beautiful and i really like the way that you used the stitch to create a border~!!~
well done.


shirley said...

Your tree will be spectacular in full flower.
I love your colour sense in your cup flowers. Your stitching is always excellent.

Linda said...

Lovely little buttonhole cups Dianne. I'm not even counting how many TAST things I've missed!! Love your flame tree, they are a sight in full flower. Jacarandas are a bit late this year because of the odd cold snap. Even the birds are breeding a tad late.

We had lots of smoke too. Thankfully, no fires close. Take care.

Jen said...

Hello Di, Very pretty buttonhole cups,I love how you do your stitches and how you did the garden. I didn't realise that turning of notifications was how all of a sudden I had anonymous emails from my old posts. they come all the time. Did yours stop when you turned notifications back on?


Hello DI, Your buttonhole cup stitching is beautiful. Love the color. Also loved seeing the blooming tree. Hopefully the fire season will not be awful for you all. Hugs Judy