Monday, December 24, 2012

On the Eve of Christmas 2012

It can be such a crazy time and such an exciting time too!

The most enjoyable part for me is catching up with family and friends.

Christmas tree & Lights

Last week I did lunch with two very special and most sincere friends.  Before lunch I verbalized how much I appreciated their friendship and what it means to me.  There were some moist eyes.

We had lunch at Marleen’s house and she has it decorated beautifully (as usual) with all her handmade quilts and wall hangings and handmade gifts from her many friends.


Marleen with her latest creation.  She says this will definitely be a ‘one off’.  Isn’t it cute??



We had a delicious morning tea followed by an equally delicious lunch.  We shared some stories of 2012 and had a few laughs.




No – this is not snow in Queensland!  We had a large hail storm last Tuesday and we were stuck in the car in the car park of Lilian’s kindy.  Some of the hail was as big as a marble and made quite a din.  Luckily, no damage to the car.

Over the past couple of weeks there has been much frenzied shopping over the internet by both myself and my hubby. I am dreading the arrival of the next credit card bill!


Gift to myself – Dye-na-flow fabric paints and the Cas Holmes book, “The Found Object”, which I  purchased from Book Depository.  I love that you can order a book in your pyjamas, have it delivered for free and have it delivered to your door within a week.  The fabric paints I ordered from Susan at Essential Textile Art.  Excellent,  prompt service from Susan too!

On Thrusday night we took our little grand daughter to see Santa and the Christmas lights in Queen’s Park.  The lights were amazing – organized by the Lions Clubs of Toowoomba and sponsored by various local organizations.  Well worth going and seeing, and the delight on Lilian’s face made it even more special.



To my blogging friends, I wish you all peace and joy at Christmas time.


Anneliese said...

Lovely post, Dianne, the lady's tea and lunch, absolutely great,
and your beautiful little girl- a joy to show them happenings like that. She and you will never forget those wonderful moments.

Anneliese said...

By the way, I like your Christmas tree and the middle table cloth of your friend Marleen.

Radka said...

Have a wonderful time, Dianne! xx

margaret said...

your friend has some very beautiful Christmas creations. Enjoyed reading your blog lots of ineresting things you have shared with us. My best wisher to you and your family at this Christmas time.

Linda said...

Wonderful post Dianne, beautiful things, beautiful people, especially that wonderful little girl. I hope you and your family have a happy day tomorrow, and the weather is not too hot. Thank you so much for your continued friendship and support.

Jen said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy safe New Year to you and family.How we cherish our dear friends. I loved seeing the Christmas decorations.The little grandchildren just make Christmas such a wonderful time.

shirley said...

Great post Di it is so nice to read of the lovely day you had with Marleen and Joan.
Your xmas celebrations were wonderful. You are blessed with such a lovely family.