Monday, April 23, 2012

Learning from Friends

It has been a week of learning and doing.  Finally a little craft time.
Firstly there was my TAST project to do.  After a couple of days pondering and tweaking the design I have come up with ‘The Look’ (named by Shirley because she thought it looked a bit like an eye)
The Look
I was having a devil of a time trying to keep those french knots in a straight line and under my control.  So, I turned to the ‘master of french knots’, aka Shirley, and she put me on the straight (sorry about the pun) and narrow.  Then, most of them went straight and I learned the correct way.  It made me really confident about the stitch and I ended up quite enjoying them.  Also enjoyed doing the beading and learnt a few tricks of the trade from a video I recently purchased called “Bead it like you mean it” by Lyric Kinard
Here is the journal entry for french knots where you will see I had other ideas too.
French Knot JournalFrench Knot Journal 2
Teresa over on All things Vintage was very supportive when I couldn’t quite ‘get’ a pattern I was trying to make.
It was Isabella’s journal from Faeries in my Garden and for the life of me I could not understand what to do.  I knew Teresa had made this one so I contacted her being too embarrassed to contact the people from Faeries and looking like  too much of a dumb cluck.  In the end, it was all too much and like the song goes, I did it my way.  It is okay and I know the birthday girl recipient is going to love it anyway, cause I made it for her.
Anneliese from Stitching Lady has inspired me to try my hand at stamping and colouring my backgrounds.  I have done a little bit of this but may now start doing a few of my TAST samples on my ‘new fabric’.  The kitchen table was turned into an art space yesterday and I painted some backgrounds.  Now to embellish, stamp etc.
Kitchen table after lunch.
Some pretty washing.
The formy thingy I bought at a craft show and have just remembered after reading Anneliese’s blog.
You heat this up, not too hot, press it onto something textured and then stamp with it.  When you done with that stamping, you reheat it back to plain ready to do a different one.  Brilliant.  Can’t wait to try it out.
Thank you Anneliese for your inspirational work, and thank you to my friends for helping me out.
Drop into Pintangle and see what others did for the french knot (Week 16 of TAST).


shirley said...

Wow Di you have certainly had a busy few days. I love your french knot sampler particularly since it is an original design as are all your tast samplers. You are a quick learner and it is a pleasure to pass on knowledge to you

Stitching Lady said...

Your French knot eye is looking at me with a great smile and I am smiling back - because I like it so much. And about the FORMY you are so very welcome.


Hello DI, Isn't great when we have creative happy days. vbg Your french knots are wonderful. Never heard about the foamy thing. Interesting indeed. I am sure your pressie will be appreciated. Lovely. Enjoyed seeing your backyard. Hugs Judy

Suztats said...

Di, your 'eye' is nicely done! I love all those french knots.
I haven't heard about the foamy thing. Maybe you'll d a write-up on it?
That's very pretty laundry on your clothesline.

Linda said...

Lovely TAST sample again Dianne, I just love it, and have said before it makes me think about a song by Roxette.

I've just purchased some of that heat foamy stuff, thanks to Anneliese, so looks like we are planning some similar play days.

Have fun.