Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting Funky and Feeling Funked

 Time is tight around here lately.  There is housework, bookwork, family commitments, quilt club ‘stuff’, garden (very low on list at present), shopping, computer (too much of), husband who wants to go away all the time,   etc. etc. etc.  Wait……I haven’t added any time in there for creating.  Got the idea?  I have just read Lesley Riley’s post about making time for creating.  You can read it HERE.
  We have 72 x 20 minute opportunities in a day to create.  Right, I am going to ‘take’ 20 minutes out of my time each day specifically for this.  Admittedly I do sew in front of the tele at night but a lot of what we want to do can’t be done in the lounge chair in the evening. 
Now that I have vented this stuff here is my creation for stem stitch.
Funky Funghi - Wk 15 Stem Stitch
Entitled “Funky Fungi”. 
Stem stitch is a bit of a boring ol’ stitch and one I have been doing for as long as I’ve been holding a needle.  Sooooooo, I thought I would jazz it up a bit with a bit of bold colour.   The edging is two rows of stem stitch and the whole picture is created in stem stitch. The dots in the the background are just representations of those cute mushrooms you see with the red dots.  You could also work the stem stitch like this for some simple roses too. 
TAST is really good for exploring, and coming up with new ideas.  To see more stem stitch creations  visit the Pin Tangle site HERE.  Well, just visit Pin Tangle for inspiration!!!
Finally, a photo of me with my madcap sisters in law on a weekend away together.
L – R Mary, Me, Carmel, Annette, Catherine.  (I cheekily call them the ‘Nuns’)  Mary Therese, Carmel Patricia, Annette Cecilia, Catherine Majella.  Absent was our sister in law, Karen Sad smile who was sick.


Suztats said...

I love your funky fungi, Di! Made me smile, and brought back memories of Brownies, and searching for fairy circles (rings of fungi) at camp! A fun picture.

Linda said...

I absolutely love your funky fungi stitching Dianne. Everything you've made for TAST has been so creative, congratulations.

I know the feeling with the time being limited. I finally got the BAS done on Tuesday, just the cheque to get away.

My goodness, it looks like you and 'the nuns' have been into the altar wine, good for you........LOL.....

Julie said...

I for one would not have believed just how fabulous stem stitch can look! Beautiful Fungi. Looks like you and your gang of sisters were having a fun time.

retdairyqueen said...

I am a fan of stem stitch and love your funki fungi
Looks like all you guys were having a lovely time

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello DI, your Funky Fungi creation is super. Your chose of thread color is wonderful and your stitching great. I enjoyed seeing your gang of SIL. It looked like you all was having a super time. Hugs Judy

shirley said...

your funky fungi is great you have worked beautiful stem stitch. I love the bright are really relishing all this colour and design. I was glad to hear you had a good time on your little break away and even behaved yourself.

Lorraine said...

Well, it certainly looks as if you are having fun!