Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A catch up week–12 Stitches in a Pot

Over on TAST last week Sharon announced a catch up week for people to get a chance to finish off some of their samples from the past 12 weeks.  She put out a mini challenge for those people who still wanted to stitch something. 
I read it wrong and thought we had to come up with something for the whole 12 stitches, but you could use just 3 – 6 of the stitches in your piece.  Oh well, it was extra challenging!  The process of designing something took about 5 days which left me just 2 to stitch Smile  There was, of course, much deliberation and changing of mind before I got to the point of producing my “12 Stitches in a Pot”

12 Stitches in a Pot
Actually, for one of the few times, it turned out almost exactly as I drew up in my sketch book.
Mini Challgenge Journal
Also during this catch up week I managed to finish a UFO.  About 18 months ago I decided I had to do something with all the I Spy fabrics I had sitting in the cupboard and decided on these hand pieced hexagons.  ???/#@#%
I got quite fed up with it in the end and decided to put all the hexagons together and see if I had enough for a small child’s quilt  Yep – I did – so then I was ready for a quick painless finish.
Hopped onto my new princess Pfaff and did a fancy herringbone type stitch to join them all up.  It was a breeze.
Hexagon I spyHexagon I Spy back
Front and back – Sorry about the bad photo but geesh it is bright.  Kids like bright right?
It will go into the cupboard in the expectation that some day another grand child will come along.  Lilian already has her own I Spy quilt which she loves.
Like on the radio, I am now going to send a cheerio call.
Group Photo
Hello to ‘Aunty Nellie’ who I believe pops in and reads my little blog now and again.  Nellie is married to my dear friend Yvonne’s uncle and I met her at quilt retreat.  Hope you are well and still producing your wonderful embroidery etc.Nellie.  Hugs.


Suztats said...

Your '12 stitches in a pot' is beautiful, and I love the design. Well done, Di!

Marilyn said...

Well done on your 12 stitches in a pot. Looks so good. Love your bright hexie I spy.

Linda said...

WOW........Dianne, your mini-challenge is wonderful. Good for you to tackle such a project. I also think your I Spy Hexagons are terrific, and yes, kids do like bright!! It will be a hit no matter where it lives in the end.

Pleased to be able to comment at last, and wishing you all a Happy Easter at your place. Cheers.

Jen said...

Hi! Di,Love how you designed 12!! stitches in a pot, Looks really beautiful stitching. The hexies are so lovely and colourful great I Spy. Happy Easter.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Di, Your Pot of flowers stitches are fantastic. Your Spy Hexagons are lovely and bright. Happy Easter to you and your family. Hugs Judy

Julie said...

How amazing all 12 stitches! They looks fabulous as dones the I Spy hexagon quilt.

shirley said...

Di I am so thrilled with the way you are advancing with your stitches for the Tast. These challenges are really bringing out your creativity. This reached number l on the SF leaderboards so double congratulations.

So glad you have at last time to enjoy your new machine. The quilt is gorgeous.