Monday, April 9, 2012

Big Leaf–little berries

Big Leaf with little Berries - Wk 14 TAST
Satin stitch is fast becoming a favourite as I worked it this week.
Admittedly it can become a bit tiresome and monotonous, but the end results are worth it (mostly).  Of course, as I went on with my piece I learned things.  Firstly, I wish I had done the berries in a straight colour and not variegated.  The variegation has to be very subtle and this one turned out not to be.  I should have quit after berry No. 1, but no.  In the end, there was no way I was going to pull them out and start again as I was very happy with the working of them.  Also, a hoop is essential.  Shirley’s  nagging    message on the hoop has finally got through,
Importantly, satin stitch is a stitch that cannot be rushed.  Each stitch demands patience and time..  Thus it has taken me almost the whole week staying up late each night.
The thread I used in the leaf is a hand dyed cotton from Stef Francis.  I loved the way it sat, and it has a lovely sheen to it too.  The border is some of Shirley’s No 5 perle – 3 strands couched down with three satin stitches every half inch or so.  I am helping Shirley reduce her thread stash  Smile
   Inspiration for Satin Stitch          Satin Stitch journal
On the left is the inspiration for my piece.  It comes from a book Shirley picked up at the local Lifeline shop, simply called “Embroidery” – over forty embroidery projects for you and your home – Introduction by Una Stubbs.  It is from the 1980’s.
Sharon B has some wonderful highlights of satin stitch on her ‘browse’ post HERE and also there are many more examples on her TAST week 14 page HERE (go to the comments section and follow people’s links – some amazing eye candy)
I have a second piece of satin stitch I have started so will continue that in the background in the coming weeks.
I have also been busy in the sewing room over Easter, but much of what I have done is secret quilting business, so can’t share right now.
Off to the coast tomorrow for about 5 days, so no internet Sad smile


retdairyqueen said...

Your embrioderies are all looking lovely
Enjoy your time up the coast

Marilyn said...

Looks so good. I dont enjoy satin stitch and cant seem to get it looking good - but your hint might help - patience and time. Like your border, it is very effective. Enjoy your few days away.

Linda said...

This project looks very impressive Dianne, I love it of course. The thread is beautiful, and you've excelled yet again with this sampler.

Hope your time away is pleasant. The weather has been wonderful here, but dare I say, we could do with a little rain.......... Take care on the roads.

Teresa said...

Wow Di, this is gorgeous. You have made me look at satin stitch with a greater appreciation (not dread as is the norm!!) I just love it. You have certainly mastered the stitch. Enjoy your time away..xx

Stitching Lady said...

I am enthusiastic about your stitching, the leaves are simply wonderful, and your post is so informative and good.

Raphaela said...


Annet said...

Such a pretty satin stitch sampler, great work! I'm a big fan of Stef Francis thread too.

Suztats said...

I love this, Di! Nice design, and nicely done. Lucky you helping Shirley reduce her thread stash!! Have fun at the coast.

shirley said...

I am enjoying watching how you are using your journal to design and produce such wonderful interpretations of the stitches. Glad to hear my "nagging" is getting results.

Enjoy your trip away will look forward to your return so we can catch up.

magicmoonmusings said...

This is beautiful! Great design.


Hello DI, I really love your satin stitch big leaf and berries. Wonderful design and love the threads you used. Hugs Judy