Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Wheels Turned Slowly


This week for TAST  was woven wheels.  It was a slow start for me with a lot of reverse stitching.  My wheels just didn’t like what I was making them out of and also didn’t want to be very round!!  After quite a few attempts I started getting the hang of them and started to really enjoy doing them.

This is what I ended up with – “Treasures Beneath”.  It is quite ‘blingy’ in real life but it doesn’t show up in the photograph.

Wk 11 Woven Wheel

The background is coloured with fabric paint very lightly.  It doesn’t show well in the photo either.  I wish I knew how to photograph my pieces properly!!!!

The border is just a narrow row of bars which have been woven (perle thread).

This week I didn’t do a journal for the stitch but will instead glue in some pictures and copies of wheels I have seen.

This was my journal for last week’s piece ‘Naxos’.

Running Stitch Journal

There are some other ideas for running stitch I would like to explore here.

Make sure you don’t miss all the other fabulous samples of woven wheels on Sharon B’s Pintangle site.


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello DI, WOW I love your woven stitch creation. Love all the colors and the beading is great too. Fantastic Piece. Hugs Judy

Annet said...

Your sampler is gorgeous, love the bling!

Suztats said...

Your wheels are great, Di! Nicely stitched.
Do you have a photo program on your comp for adjusting the light in your pics? If not, you might like to check out Picasa which is a free download. I use it to crop, rotate, adjust light and highlights in my pics. Just a thought.....

Linda said...

Once again you have stitched an exciting piece Dianne. I know this adventure is opening new doors for you, and it's so good to be along for the ride. Of course, you know the bling gets me every time.........LOL. I am not sure how to get a 'great' photograph either, I just take mine, and hope for the best most of the time!!

shirley said...

I am with Linda, point the camera and pray and click away until you get a decent one.

i love what you are achieving each week with your stitches Di, and I know how much you are enjoying this adventure in stitching.

Your woven circles are really looking like treasure under the ocean. That border is really good and just the right thing to frame the work.

Radka said...

I love it, very good!

Julie said...

Beautiful stitches Di, they are amazing! Try photographing outdoors, see if that gives a truer image.