Monday, March 5, 2012

Couching Around

 Many ideas got bandied around in my sketch book until I arrived at the ‘Forest’ idea.
Couching JournalCouching Journal 2
I still like some of these ideas here so may do another couching sample down the track one day.
It was enjoyable to do but the forest became a bit tedious stopping and starting with different length yarns etc.
I scrounged the white dupioni silk from Shirley and used pieces of organza to build up the background.
Yarns used were all different types and I used a hairy golden brown one for the forest floor.
The border was a rayon type of braid which was a bit hard to handle but I just carefully couched it on best I could.
Take a Stitch Tuesday is weekly challenge put out by Sharon Boggon of and you can see lots of other examples of couching HERE.


shirley said...

You are being very good sticking to the one stitch, and I am sure that working on your journal sketches is making a big help in deciding on the designs for the various stitches.

Your finished pieces are all great. I love the shading you have achieved with the organzas it adds a real dimension to the work.

Marilyn said...

This looks so good. Love how your background has turned out, and lovely couching colours.


Hello Di, Your couching piece is lovely and I do how the gold organza made the whole piece sparkle. Hugs Judy

Suztats said...

Oh, I like how this turned out! Nice couching, Di!

Linda said...

This is an excellent sample Dianne, and I'm sure you had lots of fun with it. Straight lines don't have to be boring, do they?????? Every week I think this is your best work, and am looking forward to what you make. Thank you for the inspiration.

Stitching Lady said...

Hi Dianne, I told it already at SF - I love your piece. It is so inventive and lovely modern

Jen said...

The couching piece looks great The colours and textures you used are beautiful.Love how you designed it.