Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Special Gift & Christmas Scenes

   It was nice to catch up with my friend Shirley yesterday before we head off to the beach for a summer holiday. 
Imagine how thrilled I was when I received a piece of Shirley’s exquisite embroidery for Christmas.  I have been totally rapt in this piece since she first began designing and stitching it as part of Sharon Boggon’s ‘Sumptuous Stitches’ course.  Sooooo, to actually own it is a real thrill indeed.
Shirley has crafted the embroidery into a book cover.  (A sketchbook which will be handy for my upcoming TAST designs!!)  Not only has she done this amazing embroidery but the fabric is hand dyed by her, the cord is hand dyed by her and some of the beads she has also made.  She is one creative lady. 
Now I am going to show you some of Shirley’s handmade Christmas decorations.
Could these please be bequeathed to me Shirley???   Aren’t they beautiful too?
When we were in Brisbane on the weekend our daughter took us to see this house in her suburb which has a Christmas Light show in the evenings.  It was spectacular.  I only have a small camera, so the photos are pretty ordinary.  The light show included music – magical.

It had an Australian theme, There is a cockatoo, koala, kangaroo and emu.  Can you spot them?  Santa made an appearance in the front window but I couldn’t capture him on camera.
As promised, I am showing some pictures of Robyn’s Christmas trimmings from our get together last Thursday.
KF Serviettes
We had really funky serviettes from Kaffe Fassett fabric and they even had a buttonhole in them. Thanks to Frances for these.
Yvonne, Robyn H Carmel
Yvonne, Robyn H and Carmel (with KF serviette attached!)
Table Set
Beautiful Table setting
Table Centre
Table Centre – Glass tree with mini ornaments.
Monseur Robyn
Monsieur Robynne with her Secret Santa gift – perfect – a silver glass Christmas Tree.
BelieveSanta Claus displayWhite tree display 2
Mini Nativity SceneNativityNativity DisplayThree Wise MenNativity Scenes
It gives Robyn and her husband, Alan, much pleasure decorating their home for Christmas and it gives everyone who visits (especially the Grandchildren) much pleasure too.
Thank you to all my wonderful blogging friends who visit this blog and I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas, all the best for the New Year and happy holidays.



Linda said...

What a lovely post Dianne. Just LOVE your gift, you lucky lady. You'll have the most 'scrumptious' journal in the group!! You are quite right, Shirley is one very talented lady, and ever so kind and generous as well.

Love the 'lights' and the group luncheon photos too. What a glorious setting for your get together. Everything looks so lovely. Thank you for sharing this with readers.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and I look forward to more fun in 2012. Cheers.

Sue said...

Have a lovely Christmas holiday and a lovely time with your family!

Anneliese said...

Again a lovely meeting and the gift of Shirley! Beautiful and much admired by me. Your TAST stitches will be collected under a wonderful cover.

shirley said...

Very special friends always deserve special gifts.
i have enjoyed reading this post, and seeing the pics of your friends homes dressed up for xmas.

Have a great holiday and hope you are able to relax. See you in January

Suztats said...

Oh, Dianne, you lucky lady getting Shirley's wonderful stitching for Christmas!
Here's wishing you and yours a Joyous Christmas!

Radka said...

Very good post, Dianne:) A lovely present from Shirley.
Have a very good Christmas and best wishes for 2012!

N. Maria said...

Beautiful journal cover to inspire you to complete your TAST!
I admired everything in this post!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Merry Christmas DI.

What a truly very lovely Journal that Shirley gave you. A true treasure indeed.

The Light Show was definitely very very grand and Yes I found all the wonderful Aussie icons.

Your friends home decorations definitely were very lovely and I especially love the "Glass" Christmas Tree. I have never seen one before. Thanks for sharing all the pics. Hugs Judy

Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift from Shirley it is beautiful. Please bring it along to the next art quilt group meeting in Feb.

Looked like a fun get togehter at Robin Ginn's. I don't think the moustache is her though.

Have a joyous and fun christmas and look forward to being inspired together in 2012.
Cheers - Chris Dowell

Julie said...

Such a great Chrissy blog post, it has all the trimmings....wonderful friends, fabulous gifts and a warm sense of peeking into your life just a little and sharing the fun!