Friday, December 9, 2011

3 Years Old already

Happy Birthday 3 year old
Our little cherub, granddaughter , Lilian,  turned 3 today.
She is a delight and probably one of the best things that has ever happened to us!
With Doll HouseWith Tea Set
Mummy gave her this doll’s house which she played with almost all day and Nana and Grandad (us) gave her the tea set.  We had to have many ‘cups of tea’.
With bday cakeWith rainbow cakeYummy
She really enjoyed her rainbow cake which her Mummy made for her.  It was nearly as big as her!!  She loves rainbows!!  ( and birds and monkeys)
She had a lovely day.


Marilyn said...

Little Lilian is gorgeous. Dont you just love having those cups of tea. Such fun. That is a beautiful birthday cake also.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Di, Lilian is truly a blessing and certainly the sweetest little girl. I see she is so very happy with her pressie and party. WOW, I loved that cake. She is so very lucky to have a granny like you. Hugs Judy

Jen said...

Hello Di! How precious Lilian is a big 3yrs,How fast the time goes by.
They certainly brighten our lives.
Lots of cups of tea for you.
Nice birthday cake.

Suztats said...

How adorable your little cherub looks hosting her tea party and digging into her birthday cake. It must be lovely to be a part of your granddaughter's growing up.

Radka said...

Oh, so sweet!Our grandchildren are the light of our lives too :)

Linda said...

Dianne, Lillian is truly a beautiful child!! I can see why she is the apple of your eye. I just adore the cake, so colourful and exciting for a small child. I wish her many, many more birthdays. Cheers, and thanks for sharing her.

shirley said...

So glad he lovely Lily enjoyed her day...that cake is wonderful..Lily is such a lovely little girl and lucky to have such loving grandparents and you and Kev.