Friday, October 21, 2011

Hitting the Road again -

We are hitting the road and heading outback again.  This time we are going far, far west to look at Lake Eyre while it has water in it.  Referred to as our great inland sea you can read more about Lake Eyre – HERE.
It is sure to be an amazing sight.  We are doing a small flight over the lake to view it from the air and see where all the rivers flow into it.  I am very excited !!!!  Of course half the fun of it will be the journey to and from.  There will be a bit of bush camping to be done too.  This time I am okay with it. 
This shows you how far we are travelling, but we are not going this way – we are going more direct west.  I just couldn’t get google maps to change for me.  We are travelling the Strzelecki track from Innamincka.  The track is through desert country and quite isolated, so one has to inform the police or locals at Innamincka before embarking, and contact them once you have arrived at your destination. It is going to be quite an adventure.               
At home, the blooms are slowly starting to appear.  Our star jasmine is resisting flowering – must be due to the coolish weather we have had this spring.  Usually it is in full glorious bloom by now.
However here is what is around the garden.
Bouganvillea – colour chosen by my hubby – good choice.
Our mandarine tree has been loaded with fruit this year – very sweet
yellow rose
Yellow rose in full bloom.
sml bottle brushLge bottlebrush
Grevilleas have loved the rain and the cooler weather.  Colours are deep and beautiful.
flowering cactus
This ugly cactus has the most beautiful flower.  Hope it is flowering when we get home.
There may be a little internet connection here and there on the trip, but for the most part we will be technology free.
Back soon…………………..


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Di, Best wishes on your great adventure. It looks like a very very very long trip. Take heaps of pics I would love to see them all. Your Spring/Summer garden is looking very lovely. Australia has such unique and gorgeous flowers. Happy Travels. Hugs Judy

jen said...

Hello Di, Your trip sounds great .We have just come back from west of Broken Hill and then followed the Murray River camping beside the mighty Murray.Then down south to Lakes Entrance following the coast to home in Newcastle, we were gone 6 weeks. Great lifestyle, We don't go off road in our van.Lake Eyre will spectacular. Safe Travels

Linda said...

Have a wonderful trip Dianne, and safe travel of course. I hope the heat won't set in too quickly for you. It hasn't been all that bad to date. I am sure the view from the air will be spectacular, enjoy!!

Lovely blooms of course, Toowoomba's speciality. Love that yellow rose. I actually have a creepy looking cactus like that, which I've been told has a beautiful flower [haven't seen it do so yet]. It was given to me by a friend.

Suztats said...

Have a wonderful trip!

shirley said...

Hello Di, enjoy your trip, I know you are going to have fun camping out. Will look forward to lots of pics

'I will miss you heaps

.Your garden is looking lovely. The bougnvillea will be spectacular when it is in full growth.

Anneliese said...

The wish for a wonderful and safe trip is coming from Germany.

Radka said...

Have a safe trip, Dianne! It looks a long way :)

Sue said...

Di - have a great trip. We have just returned from a long week-end of camping at Stanthorpe and wished we could go for longer! We might have to start planning a longer trip too!