Thursday, October 6, 2011


Sometimes special friends come into our lives and I truly believe they are sent to us to learn lessons and humility.  So with this in mind, I have added this cute badge about friends to my sidebar which I picked up over on Paisley Cat.  They have some really beaut pages, badges etc. so do pay them a visit. 
My friend, Shirley, came into my life around 20 years ago and we have learnt much from each other, but she has truly taught me a lot about life  (and embroidery VBG).  It was her birthday on Monday, so yesterday I took her shopping and to lunch.  We had a lovely day out together with no stress, nothing to rush home for, so we could just enjoy the day.
We were excited to find Murray’s art supply and framing shop had moved into lovely new premises in the main street, so we simply had to check it out.
We made a few small purchases and of course Shirley being Shirley had to try her new goodies out straight away. 
She thought she needed brushes………ahem
This her current supply, but never mind, the new ones will not go astray!!
Have a great year ahead, Shirley.  Looking forward to seeing what she creates with her new art supplies.


shirley said...

Thanks for a great day out, Di, good company and good food were the order of the day. Lunch was delicious.

Ahem...the brushes...well art supplies are like fabrics and can never have enough.:)

Radka said...
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Radka said...

Friendship like yours and Shirley's is to be treasured :))
I like your header:)

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing Shirley with all of us Di. She is indeed a gem. I am so pleased you were both able to spend the day together and have a great time.

Love those pencils, and I'm sure I will have the privilege of seeing her artwork.

She's right you know, you can never have enough..................

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Di,

Oh, Happy Birthday to Shirley!
You two are "Two Peas in a Pod!" :)
It is great to have a wonderful friend to share time with. :)
Yes, we always need more art supplies! :)