Friday, October 14, 2011

Embellishing - A Desert Landscape

Last weekend was our quilt retreat.  It was so much fun and their was a lot of laughter as friends got together and got the endorphins pumping.


Some of our ladies enjoying the retreat.

Of course, some sewing was done.  One of the highlights of the retreat is the homemade goodies table.  It was groaning this year and there were some lovely delights to be savoured.  Some I tried – (and everything was home made) .  Rocky road, French biscuits called madelines, (thank you Nelly), apple cinnamon cake, lemon coconut slice, shortbread creams, cherry and ginger slice (by me) and lots more.  My hips have spread as a result!!

When I went to the textile fair in Brisbane a few months ago, I entered a competition to win an embellisher.  Alas, I was not the winner, but instead a friend of mine, Linda, won it.  She already had an embellisher and knowing that I wanted one, she offered hers up for sale to me.  Of course I snapped it up.


(My new embellisher – note map underneath which hubby has spread out to plan our next trip)

Four ladies brought along their embellishers to retreat and Linda kindly showed us some ways to use it.  She did us all up a little pack of fibres to use.  Some of them she has dyed or painted herself.  A very talented lady.  Thank you Linda.


This is what I did as my landscape project.  It is inspired by the country we saw on the edge of the Simpson Desert when we went on our road trip in July. 


Linda said we could now go ahead and embellish our piece with beads, stitch etc. 

The embellisher is so much fun and I can see I will be doing a lot more in the future.


Marilyn said...

So pleased for you that you have your embellisher. Sounds like you will have fun using it too. I like your desert landscape, look forward to seeing what you do to embellish it.

teresa said...

OMG you are amazing. I love your desert landscape and the colours are spot on. You are going to have soooo much fun with that embellisher! Can't wait to see what else you do with it!! Glad you got to buy it!

Suztats said...

Very nice landscape, and waiting for the finished pic! Lucky you to snap up the embellisher. I'm sure you'll have tons of fun playing with fibers.

Linda said...

What a generous lady to hand over her prize. I do know that Linda, she's been to Chinchilla days on and off, very accomplished stitcher. I love your little landscape. Have fun with the new 'toy'. Great to see your group enjoying their 'retreat'. Food is always a big part of any country gathering.

shirley said...

Since I have seen your landscape in real life I know the colours are perfect to depict the Australian outback...I know you are going to have so much fun with the embellisher.

The food at the retreat sounded yummy I would have put on weight as well.