Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions.........and breaking them

This New Year I have resolved not to make any resolutions for fear of breaking them - again!  Instead, I am calling them 'serious attempts'.
Firstly, I am going to make a serious attempt to spend a little time in the garden each day.  It is out of control since the recent heavy rain.

Agapanthus growing amongst weeds
I am going to make a serious attempt to finish some UFO's  and to finish projects I start in 2011.

I am going to make a serious attempt to blog more regularly and spruce up my blog.  (Will get Shirley B to help me with this one).

I am going to make a serious attempt to go down to Brisbane more often this year to visit our daughter who works 6 days a week and finds it hard to get away to visit us.  I feel like I want to go down there and spoil her. 

And last, but most importantly, I am going to make a serious attempt to not spread myself too thinly and over commit.

 Bella with her summer 'do'.
Last year I made a resolution to throw out one thing every day and get organized.  Well, I managed very well with throwing something out each day well into the year.  We won't go into the getting organized bit.  Still haven't got the house back together since the reno!!!!  We have ordered a new leather lounge suite though, which I am very excited about.  We have had our current fabric lounge for 28 years now - it is still in good nick.
We also purchased THE most divine persian rug for the lounge room.  Should look super duper with the new lounge (fingers crossed).  
We gave the man of the house this new video camera for Christmas. He had this JVC video camera (Left) when the children were little and he took some wonderful movies of them.  Now that we have our little granddaughter and will probably be blessed with more grandies, we have given him this new JVC(Right) to record memorable events.  
WOW, how video cameras have changed since the 1980's hey!!!??

Dang - it is raining again, so can't go out into the garden today. 


Val - Apple Cottage said...

I'm making 2011 The Year Of The Garden, so I'm joining you there with that one Di.

LOVE your rug.

shirley said...

DI, Looooovvvveee the rug. It is just beautiful. I forgot to ask you what colour the new lounge will be.

That design is what I adore in rugs.

Marilyn said...

Your new rug is beautiful.
More rain here today too. And our garden is sure in need of some serious makeover, especially after having such a wet time. Weeds are very happy arent they.

Anneliese - Ali said...

Your garden looks wonderful inspite of the weeds. Ours is white at the moment. I don't torture myself with resolutions, ha, ha, it is easier like that - I don't want to have any appointments except classes with same minded people and we will have one very soon. Much love and a very happy new Year to you.