Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Projects for a New Year.

Before I get into my exciting new projects - a bit about the unusual weather we have been having.  Yesterday I was  finally able to hang my clothes out into the sunshine after about 5 days of constant rain and drizzle.  The flooding in some districts in Queensland, particularly to the North and West of us has been devastating.  Towns are being evacuated as water levels continue to rise.  We are noticing heavier than usual light aircraft and helicopters passing overhead.  They are probably heading out to survey and report on flooded regions to our West. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with those out on the land who are doing it extra tough.  After years of drought and poor crops came some earlier much needed rain and this promised bumper crops for this year.  All of that hope has been shattered as some of the best crops in years now lay under water.  It is at these times we really appreciate what our farmers have to go through to supply us with the food we sometimes take for granted.

Now, to my new projects - even though there are some old ones still languishing in the cupboard. (Ahemm we will put them to the back of the mind)

The first is Sashiko.  I am excited to be booked into some classes with the lovely ladies, Sue and Colleen from Indigo Niche during the months of March and April. They are going to help us construct a quilt in a Japanese style.

I am going to embroider some Japanese motifs in sashiko and surround them in a scrappy manner with various commercial Japanese cottons and indigos.  That is the plan anyway.  It may change a little as I go on.
Firstly though, in January, I am joining a group of friends to put together a basket using fabrics and cord.  We are just having a fun day putting it together and yesterday I started preparing the fabrics (above).  Still have to buy the cord yet.  Looking forward to starting that one.


Marilyn said...

Looking forward to seeing your new bag, and where you go with the sashiko/Japanese quilt. Both sound like fun.

Anneliese - Ali said...

Congratulations for your really very interesting new projects. I am keen to see your future basket or even baskets. I am sure it will be beautiful with all these lovely pieces of fabric.
Happy new year to you!

shirley said...

Looks like you are going to have an interesting year Di. I will look forward to being able to see the progress of these projects first hand.