Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Have you ever had the pleasure of eating a fresh Lychee?

If you have eaten canned ones and decided they were yuk, well try a fresh one!  Deeeeevine.  

I love them cold -  as is - but they are even more scrumptious dipped into your favourite dark chocolate and refrigerated til set.  Mmm Mmm.

They are very seasonal, and my cousin, who grows them, told me this trick.  When they are in season just throw them (okay place them to prevent bruising) into a freezer bag holus bolus and they will last quite a few months.  When you are ready to eat them simply defrost.  They will still be as delectable as the day you bought/picked them.


teresa said...

What a brilliant idea. I haven't had a fresh one for years, but you've got my mouth watering. Will definitely try that freezing trick, thanks Di

Marilyn said...

Mmmm. Love lychees. I didnt know either that they could be frozen as is. Will definitely be giving it a go.

Julie said...

What a fabulous tip, I will certainly be keeping it in mind for future Lychee purchases.

sew susie said...

I have just noticed that you have not blog posted for a few days. Hope you are safe and dry. Lychees are little balls of heaven. Mmmm.

shirley said...

I just adore lychees, never thought they would freeze so well. Would be yummy and refreshing to eat straight from the freezer...a lychee ice block.