Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rachael's Birthday - a washout

It was our neice Rachael's birthday on 13 January. Oh boy what a 30th birthday - one she will never forget. There is Rachael in her funny Ikea hat trying to put on a brave face. The hat was a joke which was going to be presented to her on the night of her birthday party to be held in the family home.
There is the family home now on the right after a metre and a half of putrid Brisbane river went through it. It is a heartbreaking sight, but the family is rallying and it is just a waiting game now before they start to rebuild their life. They have to wait until all the wood dries out thoroughly. Fortunately, knowing what happened in the the floods of 1974, they had moved most of their furniture and valuables to higher ground before the inundation.

Now - what is this mess? It is something new I tried. It is vleisofix painted with watered down acrylic paints. After it fully dried I then ironed it onto some fabric. You will not be seeing the result as I was not happy with it and I didn't get the look I was after. Learnt a lot though. The actual technique was fine, so maybe I can use the resulting fabric in some other project - just not my latest art journal quilt!!

Not much else in the crafting/quilting scene has been going on around here lately, sadly.
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Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Dianne, so sorry to hear that your niece's bithday party never took place. :(
She was very smart to have taken the furniture out of the lower parts of the home before the home was washed out from the flood. But on a brighter side they are safe and the floors will dry out in due
time. Enjoyed seeing her in the funny hat.

Anneliese said...
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Anneliese said...

Oh goodness what trouble they will have to rebuild the home - so sorry about this. The photo underneeth: I thought this must be the destroyed wall - well it isn't - it is your artwork - a special one - a learning artwork - thank you for showing - it's a thing which happens also to me.

shirley said...

So sorry to hear your family were affected by the floods, hope they recover soon. Love the birthday hat, its a scream.

The artwork play looks really interesting I am dying to try out these sorts of will have a place you wait and see.

Marilyn said...

It doesnt matter how many pictures we see, the devastation still astounds us. Hope your niece could have a little time of enjoyment for her birthday. I wish them well as they go about restoring things to how they should be.
The vliesofix is a similar process to what I used in my landscape embroidery way back at the start of my blog. (oh dear - one of my list of UFOs to work on this year). It was fun and worked well.I hadnt thought it would work but it gives great depth to the piece.