Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Look at this gorgeous gift my lovely friend, Marleen presented me with on Tuesday.  She knows I have been struggling to get the house decorated and back into order since our renovation - so thoughtful of her.  The whole problem is DH has no time left after his busy days to put hooks and hangers back up on the walls.  I am useless at that sort of thing so have to rely on him to do it.  Patience.......This one was easy to hang on the wooden dresser.

I have had some time off and on in the sewing room this past fortnight.  This is what I have made for the Secret Santa gift for our quilt club's Christmas break-up on Saturday.
It is a sewing machine mat with organizer.  I have seen a few of these popping up on the blogs, so thought I would have a go as I think they are a wonderful idea.  It was a bit trial and error, but I got there in the end.  The quilting could have been done a little better.  Think I was rushing it too much.  
I simply measured the width and length of the sewing machine bed and added a couple of inches.  Cut front, back and wadding allowing about a 4 inch hang over for the hanging pocket.  Then quilted it.  Added the front pocket and bound it (all by machine) and then made a few pockets on the front.  I varied the sizes of these to hold different sized items.  I am reasonably happy with how it turned out after making a few boo boos. My usual silly things.  Thank God for quick unpicks!!
Lily and her mummy paid me a visit today.  While Mummy was continuing to cut out her first quilt, Lily decided she would lay down with Teddy and John (her Daddy's childhood teddy) and go night- night, just pretend.  She made a little bed with one of my quilts and set herself and friends up on the living room rug.  She is giving Teddy a goodnight kiss here.  Very cute............  Can you guess she is our one and only grandchild and we are a little besotted
with her?


Anneliese - Ali said...

So so sweet, the child and the quilt and the teddy bear.
Love from Anneliese

shirley said...

The lovely Lily is gorgeous I am looking forward to meeting her.

Your sewing machine base turned out really well. Maybe being near you will encourage me to sew more.

Jensters said...

What a wonderful that sewing machine base to very so lovely to have grandchildren enjoy x