Monday, December 27, 2010

A Wet, Wet, Christmas

Pool of water under the clothes line.

It's been a wet old Christmas and Boxing Day in our part of the world!  We have chosen to stay inside and hibernate and watch heaps of movies.  Of course, with this type of weather we turn to food, and there has been no end of left overs from  Christmas Day.  There have been lots of 'goodies' consumed too and lots of wine and beer.  I can feel the fat going on just by typing this.'

The Christmas Spread
Israeli Cous Cous Salad
Layered Garden Salad
A Special Coleslaw (Recipe given to me by Shirley B - she calls it "The coleslaw to die for" and I can assure you it is.

My specialty 'Stuffed Eggs'.  Do you love the vintage platter?  It is special to me - given to me by my late mother in law.
My sister's specialty Salami Pasta Salad
Older daughter made the Potato Salad.  She is a great cook.
Ham, Chicken and Pork

Lily 'undecorating' the tree Christmas morning.

We gave Lilian a blackboard with magnets.  She loved it!
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Linda said...

My goodness Dianne, the food looks so beautiful. I do love the look of that coleslaw, and I LOVE stuffed eggs. The platter is so cute, no wonder you care for it. I think you've had more rain than we've had here. We seem to be doing nothing else but watching movies and eating too. This has got to stop. I'm not used to TV on during the day. I hope it's fine tomorrow so hubby will do some 'work'.........LOL... I think I've seen enough old westerns to last me a while. Next I'll have old car racing to contend with!!!

I do hope all your family had a wonderful Christmas and this week is a holiday for everyone in your world.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Di. My goodness it is certainly raining in QLD, I love the sound of raining hitting on the roof. It puts me right to sleep. LOL Your Christmas Spread looks like you all ate hearty. Your grand daughter is a sweetie. They make Christmas don't they. Hugs Judy

Anneliese - Ali said...

Goodness gracious me! What lovely food, how beautifully arranged. A feast altogether. And you had the rain - we the snow. It never snowed like this in our region in the last 30 years or more. (Or so.... normally one can't remember.) In France, where we spent Christmas days, we had 30 cm over one night up in the mountains, in the Vosges, in the north east of France. We are back again in our basis camp in Germany now. It is much easier to move here.

shirley said...

Your food looks gorgeous, what a spread. It all looks yummy.

I am dying to meet the lovely lily she is truly beutiful.

There were two choices on tv ..old movies (read very very old black and white) for the oldies, and loud music for the young and of course cricket and sailing for the men.

teresa said...

Love the photos of all your yummy food Di... even though I don't feel like eating for a week after what we put away over Christmas! Your rainy pictures look like what we have here too. I've never seen so much rain this close to Christmas. Take care x

Marilyn said...

Yes, we had a good share of that rain too. Not too many movies though - we had Family go visit, or had them here for most days, so I got to spend lots of time with Grandchildren.
Your Christmas feast looks delicious. I love stuffed eggs too and it was one thing I had to make to take to our daughter's house for Christmas lunch.
Lily is such a cutie.

Julie said...

I am really looking forward to my little one undecorating the christmas tree! Lily is beautiful, I especially love her delightful curls