Saturday, September 18, 2010

Antique Quilt Display

This is the old Bull's Head Inn in Drayton.  In the early days it was a stop for the Cobb & Co. coaches.  One of our quilt members, Margie, and the Queensland Quilt Study Group have put up a display of quilts throughout the old Inn.  It is a wonderful display, so if you are in Toowoomba this weekend for the Carnival of Flowers be sure to visit.  You won't be disappointed!!

I haven't any more time to say too much here as I am getting ready for a busy day at the Toowoomba Quilter's quilt show.  I am looking after the sales table and it is a big job.  Will try and post pictures tomorrow.  More about the quilt show on
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Julie said...

What a lovely blog you have Di, I've been browsing and enjoying your photographs and hearing a little about your life. Thanks for sharing!