Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"I'm just a Girl that can't Say NO"

That is why I haven't been able to blog for so long.
I have been blogging -  but over on the quilt club site.  It has been a busy few weeks with our annual exhiibtion and my not being able to say no.  I am passionate about our quilt group and have made many wonderful friends, enjoyed the company of some interesting quilters and shared ideas and dreams.  It has come time now that I must say NO.
Currently, I am newsletter editor (once a month but taking two days to do it - on a weekend),Vice President and maintaining the blog.  In addition to this, I maintain membership and email lists and co-ordinate the sales table at our exhibition. 
"Yes" - I can come to that meeting, "Yes" - I can help with the raffle, "Yes" -  I can shuffle equipment from one place to the next, "Yes" I can post that to a new member and so on. 
 At the same time I am a partner in my husband's business and a housekeeper, mother and grandmother.  
Now, I am not blaming the quilt group, it is entirely my own fault and, in 2011, I am intending to take a giant step back for my own sanity and so that I may enjoy what I really joined a quilt group for, yep, quilting, sewing and crafting.

To soften this blog post I will now post some pictures of my favourite quilts at the show.
I have always loved the Storm at Sea pattern and vow I will make one one day!  This one was done by a friend, Vicky, and she has used a beautiful variegated red fabric with the cream.
My friend Robyn Ginn has made this spectacular quilt using silks and she has used the traditional crazy fan design, and made them into little silk purses.  This quilt is all done by hand apart from sewing the blocks and borders together - amazing.  The entire outside border is hand embroidered.  I am in love with this quilt!
Close up of some of the purses WOW WOW WOW
Lynn did this one which was a Debbie Caffrey mystery quilt.  I love it because it is full of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and I am a sucker for star quilts.
One of my darling girlfriends, Yvonne, did this beauty.  It is called "Daniel's Pineapple Farm" and was made for her nephew's 21st birthday.  Daniel always wanted to work on a pineapple farm when he was little.  I just love circles.
Another Robyn Ginn quilt.  "Hearts for Hannah".  Robyn made this for her granddaughter.  Whilst Robyn was making this quilt, Hannah was involved in a very bad car accident.  She was seriously injured but is now fully recovered.  This quilt has many loving thoughts sewn into it.
Close up of Hannahs heart - all hand embroidered.  All Robyn's quilts are hand quilted as well.

I so admire the patience it would have taken for Dorothy C to make this confetti style quilt entitled "Murphy".
Imagine cutting up all those tinsey bits of fabric and fibres.  He is so cute.

There were so many quilts I loved at the exhibition, but if you would like to view more, I have put some up at


Mimi said...

Oh my gosh - the one with the dog looks so real!! Amazing work. One of these days I am going to have to make Storm at Sea. Thanks for sharing!!

Cynthia L said...

All of these quilts are lovely, but I think I am in love with the puppy one! The quilt with the purses runs a close second. Thanks for sharing.

shirley said...

I love the circle the quilt. The work that went into Robyns purses is mindblowing. You look after yourself, and make 2011 the year of the quilts for yourself....

Marilyn said...

Yep, there does come a time when for a bit we need to say that magic NO word. Be strong and look after yourself. (Have been wondering where you had gone with no post for so long - so pleased all is ok and you were just buried under commitments).
Take care

Anneliese - Ali said...

Hi Dianne, My admiration for your writing business next to everything else what has to be done with such a job. People are glad to have someone for this, you can believe me! I loved looking at the beautiful quilts of the exhibition. Love