Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Glenvale Block

After about 5 years of languishing in the UFO box  and getting the occasional airing, the crazy blocks for my quilt "My Crazy Life - so far" are finished and ready to be put together.
This is block No 9 "The Glenvale Block".  This block represents where we are living at at the moment.
 The bottle brush which always puts on a lovely display each year and below that a representation of our little pink miniature roses.

The wattle which is in flower around the countryside right now, and our flowering peach tree which is in bud and will look magnificent in the coming weeks.

Our dove cote which, in reality,  is looking a little worse for wear right now, but I have done a 'before' version here.  The fan is there because - well just because.  It actually breaks up a rather large piece of the white fabric. 

The heart of our home.  The edging of the heart is done in what Robyn Ginn calls the 'row of roses' stitch.  It starts with a cable stitch and the rest of it is too hard to explain here.  I think it is often referred to as 'oyster stitch'. 

On this part of the block, I have done my interpretation of the Toowoomba violet.  Satin stitch is not usually my favourite, but I was happy with how this turned out and won't be so scared to try it again now.  We have a lot of the white daisy in our garden and in spring and summer it is just like a white carpet.  Very pretty.


retdairyqueen said...

I love your block
One day I will make a crazy quilt

shirley bligh said...

Di, This block is wonderful. Everywhere I look there is something interesting to see. I like your bullions andthe violets. The little umbrella buttons are very cute.

Cynthia L. said...

This block is really beautiful. There is so much thought in it. I hope you write this down, so other generations have the history of it. Thanks for sharing.

Michele Hill said...

Thankyou for visitng my blog Di........I will visit the Beatles for you while we are in Liverpool! But I really wanted to say your crazy quilt is just exquisite....looks like an award winner to me - just stunning! Hugs, Michele

Anonymous said...

All your work is fine! I should want sew a crazy block since a long time.Always I say: next month........And I have never found time!
Your leaf quilt is also something that I should want do!