Monday, August 9, 2010

My Leaf Quilt

This is the quilt we currently have on our bed.  A bit different to the Kaffe Fassett eh?

This quilt was finished in September 2001 and is all hand quilted.  I have dedicated it to the memory of my Mum who passed in September 1997.  It has hundreds can't remember exactly how many, think over 400)  of hand appliqued leaves - no two are the same.  It was a joy to make and I have started another similar one.  It is a loooooong term project.  I seem to have a lot of them :-)

Close up of central panel
This faithful little daffodil and some of it's friends struggled through the weeds and dry old soil to brighten our wintry days.  It is a sign spring is coming  YIPEE.  

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shirley said...

I envy people who can grow lovely daffodil flowers my bulbs never seem to come up. Maybe I plant them upside down and they are delighting someone on the other side of the world.

Anonymous said...

Your leaf quilt is stunning...i can remember the time we all went to Aileen's for a painting weekend and you bought the leaves you had done then...that was a long time ago

shirley said...

Di, the "anonymous" is me clicked the publish before I had put in my identity.

Your mum would be so proud of your achievements.

Marilyn said...

Love seeing your beautiful daffodil. Makes me think of my Dad - he grew them in his garden in Wallangarra. I loved to visit him when they were in bloom, so cheery in the cold weather.
Your leaf quilt is beautiful - as is your KF one. They are such a contrast and will completely change the mood of your bedroom. Beautiful work.

Cynthia L. said...

Hi there! So glad you found my site. I am not sure how you found it, I am guessing perhaps from Shirley. Don't you just love her work?

I think your leaves quilt is stunning. I would love to own one like that. I am working on a pinwheel quilt that will have a vine and leaf border. I have never done one like that before, but it am looking forward to it.

Hope you keep stopping by my blog, sometimes I am funny, sometimes angry, sometimes boring, but I am always me. I look foward to seeing what else you are crafting!

Cynthia L. said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you. A shark is a steamer. You pour a little water in it and a ton of steam comes out and sanitizes everything with the heat of it. Shark is the brand name, I think there are others out there. I am a clean freak and my Mom thought I would enjoy it. I like it, I just don't always like mopping!! I did get it done yesterday though.

Linda said...

Lovely quilt Dianne. Pleased I came here for a better look. The daffodil is beautiful also, lovely to see them, a sign this cold weather might be leaving us.