Thursday, August 12, 2010

All the F's - Food, Family, Fun, Friends

 DH and I seem to be constantly thinking of food lately.  He loves stir fries, so one night this week I pulled out the wok and made him beef and bok choy.   It was yummy - served with rice noodles.

 Oh no Lili, not the dog bed!!  Lili decided she wanted a little lie down.

My friend Marleen (no blog) made this for my birthday one year.  It always amazes me how many different things people can make from hexagons.  This little "handbag" is a needle case. 

Going for coffee with some girlfriends this morning to celebrate recent birthdays.  We have been trying to catch up for weeks now, but we all lead such busy lives.
The wrapping I have used here is old country-style magazines I 'source'.  Some of the photography in these glossy magazines is just divine and it makes very pretty wrapping paper.  Usually I like to add a handmade tag and some nice ribbon.

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shirley said...

Just love the hexagon "Purse" needlecase it is gorgeous. Lily is easy to please not fussy where she sleeps...laughed when i saw that

Cynthia L. said...

The stir fry looks yummy! Lili looks very comfortable - I am sure she is covered in dog hair, but she doesn't look like she cares! The needle case is so cute, I wouldn't have guessed what it was. I really, really like the idea of using magazine pages for wrapping paper. I will have to remember that.

Linda said...

The 4F's are all so cool Dianne. What a little sweetie having a rest on the doggie bed!!! The needlecase is so sweet, and I have to agree about your choice of wrapping paper, excellent idea. A lovely post.