Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sewing Room Chaos

Only 2 lousy posts for January. It has been a very busy time as we helped shift our daughter, son-in-law, and baby back to Toowoomba. They are very happy in their new home and baby is settling in well - won't mention Wilbur (aka Houdini) who is trying to flee at every opportunity. (No Wilbur is not playing play station!)
There has been very little sewing done in this household and I keep getting distracted by the gorgeous Lilian. I have seen her nearly every day since they hit town - can't get enough of her. I think 2-3months is a beautiful time with a baby. They are just starting to recognize you and smile - goo goo gah gah. - enough of that.
Here is my sewing room at present - or is that a nursery?
I have to make room in the spare bedroom for the cot me thinks. That will be a challenge as spare bedroom is another name for junk room.

The only sewing I envisage seeing myself doing this week is 2 small blocks for Toowoomba Quilters Club 2009 raffle quilt. Many of us have taken blocks, and I will be letting the team down if I don't get a wiggle on.

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