Thursday, February 5, 2009

Santa Claus is Christmas

This wall hanging was going to be hanging this Christmas, but grandparenthood took over and, well, maybe next Christmas.

The pattern, designed by Jacky Hens, is from an Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

I must thank my friend Marleen who showed me a much quicker technique for putting Santa together and helping me mark, trace and cut out all the intricate pieces. She also gave me some suitable fabric from her stash.
You always think you have a large stash until you are looking for a specific fabric!!

Another reason this piece did not get finished on time was that I did a major stuff up. I had completely done all the "leadlighting" (which is basically the quilting). That means the top, wadding and back were all put together. I was just about to bind it when I thought it seemed to be missing something. Yes, it was the borders. I had especially bought the border fabric at our stitches and craft show in Brisbane in October.
After the initial flap around and cursing and swearing, I was wavering on not putting the border on, but decided it would look good (don't be lazy girl!!)
After a lot of fiddling around (all on the back thank goodness) I managed to add the borders and put backing and wadding on by hand.
Now all thats left is a bit more hand work on those pieces on the back and the binding.
Should get that done before next Christmas?????

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Lindi said...

The border was certainly worth doing. It enhances Santa, beautifully.
Thanks for visiting my blog!