Friday, January 23, 2009

Rainbow Beach

From start of 1991 til end of 1998 we lived in this most beautiful part of the world, Rainbow Beach, Queensland, Australia.
It was a lovely place to bring up the children, but as they got older we found we had to move closer to schools and civilization. Our parents were also needing us closer as they battled with various illnesses.
We went back after ten years away, and explored our favourite haunts again. We stayed with friends who had the wonderful boat you can see in the pictures, and they own a unit with views to the beach. It was good to go back and see how much the place had grown. We were a little nostalgic, but in the long term, we agree we made the right choice to leave at the time we did.

Top Left: Double Island Point
Bottom Left: Driving across the point
Top Middle: View of Carlo Sand Blow ( an unusual phenomenon where a huge sand formation sits atop the mountain - Captain Cook was the first to sight this)
Second Middle: View of the "coloured sand" cliffs from which Rainbow Beach got it's name
Third Middle: Driving along the beach from Noosa (Noosa North Shore)
Fourth Middle: Boat anchored in the Great Sandy Straits - between the mainland and Fraser Island

Top Right: Our picnic spot on Fraser Island (calm side)
Second Right: Freshwater track from the beach to Rainbow Beach township (Beach from Dble Island point closed to traffic due to high tides etc)
Third Right: Leisha Track across Double Island Point
Fourth Right: Our swimming spot on Fraser Island

If you ever come to Queensland make sure you include Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island in your itenerary, you won't be disappointed! Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and has some spectacular rainforests and the purest blue lakes......

Oh happy days!


Lisa Boyer said...

So beautiful!! One day I'll visit there--it's definitely on my "Bucket List." I know how you feel about the civilization thing--it's a love/hate relationship, isn't it? I miss civilization something terrible--until I visit the Mainland U.S. and then I'm cured. I don't know how many years that will last, though. Thanks for the travelogue!

Allison Ann Aller said...

These pictures remind me of my beloved Lake Michigan!
I hope my DH and I will be able to visit Rainbow Beach in Queensland one day...