Monday, February 23, 2009

Beware - Scary post

I found these under our bed while doing a real "fly lady" thing, cleaning and tidying up. The theory was, I would chuck out or give away one item a day for the month of February. I have nearly achieved that, and think I will continue into the month of March. There is way too much junk in this house!!!

It scares me to think I once wore these glasses.
Luckily, by the time I reached my mid teens the contact lens had been invented and I wore those successfully for about 15 years until the birth of my first child. It is a fascinating fact that after childbirth many people wearing hard contact lenses are unable to continue with them. Anyway, it was back to glasses and, of course, the 80's was the decade of the BIG frames. Bigger frames meant bigger lenses, and truly, I was all glass (plastic) there at one stage. Fortunately, plastic lenses had replaced glass so they were'nt as heavy. These days they have really perfected thinner plastic lenses for all sorts of weird prescriptions of which mine is one!!!

The "cat's eye" type ones are from the 60's. Black must have been "in" and the chunkier the better by the look of it. Guess it had to hold a lot of glass. The top right ones are my first tinted glasses and they are "Christian Dior". Our younger daughter has actually claimed these for the frame - can't believe it - the BIG ones are back.
Love those hexagonal ones from the late 60's - 'flowers in your hair', 'free love' and a
ll that.

I leave you with this beautiful bouquet I received from my sister last week for my half-significant birthday. Lillys are my new favourite now that our little granddaughter is called "lili".

Hello to my phantom readers, I promise next post to have something quilty for you after tackling a couple of UFO'S at our quilt group's UFO day on Saturday. They are still UFO's but just that smidge closer to being finished.

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Sue said...

Hope you had a lovely birthsya Di! Don't give aweay the early 60's cate syes - they are collecter's items!