Thursday, May 29, 2008

Catch up Blog

Can't believe it is over a week since I blogged. Life has been ultra busy.

Yesterday was my last day in the office of Blue Care (again). I have had so many farewells from that place, and there is every chance I may be going back to do more temporary/fill-in work down the track. They gave me a farewell afternoon tea and this gorgeous arrangement of flowers. (The lily just came out in full bloom this morning - love it).

Last night I dragged out an old UFO to do a bit of hand quilting, as it was just the weather for it. I am paying a bit for it this morning in the headache department though. Why is hand sewing giving me a headache? This is the puzzle I am trying to work out. I bought a $10 fold up office chair like the one Caity showed as at quilt group. It is ideal, as it makes you sit up nice and straight. I am really concentrating on my posture and trying to have breaks at regular intervals, but still I get the back/neck/head aches. Can anybody help me with a solution? (and don't say - stop sewing ).

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