Friday, May 2, 2008

More sewing time??

My contract at Blue Care is coming to an end. A part of me is sad, as I felt I was just starting to really get the feel for the job, but the other part of me is very happy, as this frees me up for another day to amuse myself in the sewing room.

Today, I am going to "play" with a friend, and do some more dyeing of lace, buttons etc for a project we work on together. Will post a photo of results. (hope they are better than last time). Since last time, we have got ourselves a different type of dye. Still requires a hit in the microwave. This can be a bit dodgy at times, and last time I was left with a very colourful inside to the microwave. It could have been an art piece in itself.

On the quilt front, I will have to now work feverishly to finish Dad's quilt by his birthday on 7 July. As well, I really must finish off the summer section I was working on for the raffle quilt for TQ. Time is tight in May/June, so many places to go, people to see, projects to finish (ha,ha) etc. etc.etc. Whew, I am tired thinking about all I must do in the next couple of months. Just as well, work is finishing up, although I will miss the bit of pocket money!

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