Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tulips in a row

Pretty tulips all in a row!
This section of Toowoomba Quilter's raffle quilt has been a work in progress for some months now and I am really happy to have it finalised by this Saturday for the working bee on the quilt.
This Saturday, I am doing a workshop with a Baltimore Album specialist named Gail Chalker, and I sure wish I had done it before embarking on my first foray into hand applique on such a scale as this.
Anyways, I'm pretty pleased with it, and hope no one gets up too close and personal to it.
I have really enjoyed the hand applique and look forward to doing more of it on Saturday with Gail. She does the most perfect circles you have ever seen and she has done a beautiful, large reproduction Baltimore Album quilt which I can't stop thinking about since seeing it a couple of weekends ago. The work was amazing. It is certainly something one could aspire to.

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Caity said...

WOO HOOO! See ya Saturday - those rows look FANTASTIC, sweetie!