Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Eyes hanging out

The eyes are hanging out of the head this morning, blog friends! I spent a very romantic and enjoyable evening with "Mr Dreamboat" - Michael Buble. Mmmmmmmmmm. He was entertaining, sexy, adorable, witty and funny, and an all round wonderful performer.

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Herzblatt said...

I can`t believe that I found you .I am from Germany and I have my blog since the beginning of this year. I have got a good friend in Toowoomba, the Garden City. His name is Anthony Seng and he is a teacher for German at your school.5 years ago he came to visit me and my family and to take part in my birthday party which was in January. He has got relatives in Germany because his anchestors are from here..
Do you know him?????
Your blog is wonderful and I am very glad to find you. I know so much about Toowoomba and Queensland. Anthony sent me a screen saver with 10 superb Scenes.
Please come and visit me on my blog...I would be very happy!!
best wishes